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10/31/2013 - Crashed And Totaled Ferrari Dino Fetches $250,000 Because It's Now Art

10/31/2013 - NPR Declares That Americans Have Lost Their Love Of Speed

10/31/2013 - Red Bull F1 Did Donuts On Top Of The 689-Foot Burj Al Arab Helipad

10/31/2013 - Corvette Stolen Through Dealership Window

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10/31/2013 - How To Make Electric Cars The Future Of Drag Racing

10/31/2013 - Voting Open: Athletes Grapple For Toyota Dream Build Glory

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10/31/2013 - Corolla Prepared To Ambush

10/31/2013 - The Daihatsu FC凸DECK Cabover Concept Won't Bring Minitruckin' Back

10/31/2013 - Beauty And Brawn In Rally-Style Camry For SEMA Show

10/31/2013 - Half-Assed Attempts To Buy The Packard Plant Are Still Happening

10/31/2013 - SEMA 4Runner Ready to Attack the Slopes

10/31/2013 - 4WD vs. FWD vs. RWD in Rallycross: What's Fastest?

10/31/2013 - Ram Truck Brand Celebrates ‘Year Of The Farmer’ With $1 Million Donation To National FFA Organization (FFA)

10/31/2013 - Can You Make A Jack-O-Lantern Out Of Your Favorite Car Logo?

10/31/2013 - Kia Motors America Announces Plans For Social Media-Fueled Live Event As Part Of Exclusive Partnership

10/31/2013 - Watch Us Blast A Ferrari 458 Italia Around The 'Ring For /RING TESTED

10/31/2013 - Captain Kirk Will Command America's Newest Stealth Destroyer

10/31/2013 - More 2014 Chevy Models Include Siri Eyes Free Integration For iPhone Users

10/31/2013 - What's The Fastest American Car Ever Built?

10/31/2013 - This Lamborghini Came With A TV And A Minibar In 1970

10/31/2013 - Streetline Demonstrates Smart Parking Technology In Barcelona

10/31/2013 - The Ten Best Car-Stumes (Car Costumes)

10/31/2013 - Subaru Tourer Concept To Debut At Tokyo Motor Show

10/31/2013 - The Defender Challenge By Bowler Is The Best One-Make Rally Series

10/31/2013 - A Victory For This Camry Rally Car Is A Victory For Toyota, America

10/31/2013 - FAA Finally OKs Use Of Electronics At Any Time During A Flight

10/31/2013 - Take A Tour Of Scion At SEMA

10/31/2013 - The Posential Energy In Detroits Assets

10/31/2013 - The Teeny Tiny Daihatsu Kopen Roadster Concept Looks Like A Ton Of Fun

10/31/2013 - Ousted Charles Morgan Wanted To Go To China And Take Morgan Racing

10/31/2013 - Land Rover Announces Sponsorship Of ‘Defender Challenge By Bowler’ One-Make Rally Championship

10/31/2013 - Subaru Gets America But Volkswagen Barely Has A Freakin' Clue

10/31/2013 - Porsche Continues To Grow Delieveries, Sales And Operating Income

10/31/2013 - MIT Professor's Plan To Fix Cruise Control Could Stop Traffic Jams

10/31/2013 - Video Report: Gumbo Mud In Southeast Texas No Contest For Nissan PRO4X Series

10/31/2013 - The 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Is A $200,500 Porsche Sedan

10/31/2013 - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood

10/31/2013 - New Top Model In The Model Range: The Porsche Panamera Turbo S

10/31/2013 - For $18,500, The Skyline’s The Limit

10/30/2013 - Rolls Royce Chicane Phantom Coupé Will Terrify Continental GTs

10/30/2013 - People Are Still Buying Fisker Karmas For Some Reason

10/30/2013 - Krumm And Palmer: More Reflections On Driving ZEOD RC

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10/30/2013 - Let's Help Out A Dog

10/30/2013 - 'The 2006 Cadillac STS-V Is A Serious STS'

10/30/2013 - Panasonic And Tesla Reach Agreement To Expand Supply Of Automotive-Grade Battery Cells

10/30/2013 - Icon Boss Jonathan Ward Replies To His Critics

10/30/2013 - Rolls-Royce Bespoke Chicane Phantom Coupé

10/30/2013 - Don't Worry About Getting The Dents Out Of The Ferrari

10/30/2013 - 2014 Acura MDX And RDX Achieve Top NHTSA Crash Scores Advancing Acura's Continued Safety Leadership

10/30/2013 - Let's Wish A Happy 50th Birthday To The Mazda Rotary Engine

10/30/2013 - Hunton XRS37 To Fly The British Flag In Fort Lauderdale

10/30/2013 - New Concepts From Suzuki At The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

10/30/2013 - Nitrous Is All Well And Good Until It Burns A Corvette To The Ground

10/30/2013 - New York Proclaims 'Hail Yes!' As First Nissan NV200 Taxicab Hits The Streets Of Manhattan

10/30/2013 - Jaguar's Most Powerful Car Cannot Be Driven In A Straight Line

10/30/2013 - Tesla Energizes West Coast Supercharger Corridor

10/30/2013 - Chrysler Group LLC Reveals Mopar-Modified Show Vehicles Ahead Of 2013 SEMA Show

10/30/2013 - This 16-Year-Old Ran An 11 Second Quarter Mile In Her Mom's Car

10/30/2013 - Fear Of Night Driving? 2014 Chevrolet Impala Can Help

10/30/2013 - 'You Have To Be Kidding Me' -- A Tow Truck Wrecks The Car It's Towing

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10/30/2013 - Hang Out With Jalopnik And Neal Pollack At Our Austin F1 Party

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10/30/2013 - Nashville Airport Fails To Notice Small Plane Crash For Hours

10/30/2013 - The Magnum MK5 Is The Canadian Track Car You've Always Wanted

10/30/2013 - Tesla Getting Two Billion Battery Cells, Could Quadruple Production

10/30/2013 - Watch An Old Man Drift A CL55 AMG Around The Nürburgring

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10/29/2013 - Why Is Ford's Mustang Naming Myth Still Being Perpetuated?

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10/29/2013 - Capital One And General Motors Introduce New Automotive Rewards Card

10/29/2013 - Chrysler Canada: Grand Caravan And The Chrysler Foundation Commemorate 30th Anniversary With Life-Sized Dodge Can'avan!

10/29/2013 - Auto Tech Still Gets To Work After His Ute Bursts Into Flames

10/29/2013 - NASCAR Executive To Talk Innovation At Influential Global Conferences

10/29/2013 - Kia To Take Value To New Levels Of Sophistication

10/29/2013 - How Reddit Killed A Tacky Chevy World Series Blunder Before It Aired

10/29/2013 - NBA All-Star Blake Griffin And Funnyman Jack McBrayer Become A Crime-Fighting Dynamic Duo In New Kia Optima Ad Campaign

10/29/2013 - New York's Taxi Of Tomorrow Has Become The Taxi Of Right Now

10/29/2013 - This Logging Truck Driving On The Edge Of A Mountain Is Terrifying

10/29/2013 - The Rear-Drive Flagship Kia K900 Will Drop At The LA Auto Show

10/29/2013 - All-New 2014 Fiat 500L Named IIHS Top Safety Pick

10/29/2013 - The Government Will Only Lose About $10 Billion On GM Shares

10/29/2013 - 2014 Ford Fiesta With New 1.0-Liter EcoBoost Engine Sets New Benchmark For Fuel Efficiency, Power

10/29/2013 - BMW 4 Series Convertible Will Make Its World Debut At The 2013 Los Angeles International Auto Show

10/29/2013 - 2015 Mercedes C-Class: This Is It

10/29/2013 - Bentley's Arctic Driving School Is The Ultimate Rich Dude Vacation

10/29/2013 - All-New 2014 Jeep® Cherokee Named IIHS Top Safety Pick

10/29/2013 - World Record-Breaking Polar Challenge Begins Today In Antarctica

10/29/2013 - Bentley Brings More Power To The Ice In 2014

10/29/2013 - Remi Kolawole -- 'Sangria'

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10/28/2013 - The End Of The Waffle House

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10/28/2013 - Help Find The SUV That Killed A Little Cleveland Boy

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10/28/2013 - A Preview Of Things To Come

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10/28/2013 - Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends People Buy The Toyota Camry

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10/28/2013 - Another Tesla Model S Caught Fire After A Crash In Mexico

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10/28/2013 - 'Built Free' Marketing Campaign Unveiled To Launch Return Of Renowned Cherokee To The Jeep Brand Line-Up

10/28/2013 - BTS Releases July 2013 U.S. Airline Traffic Data; System Passengers Unchanged From July 2012

10/28/2013 - A Rich Texan Bought The Packard Plant [UPDATE]

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10/28/2013 - Does This Pink Radar Detector Take Breast-Cancer Branding Too Far?

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10/28/2013 - National Corvette Museum Receives Largest Donation to Date

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10/28/2013 - Nissan Counts Down To The Next Generation Qashqai

10/28/2013 - Not Hunter S. Thompson Reviews The Porsche Cayman

10/28/2013 - ESCORT Supports Breast Cancer Awareness With Limited Edition Pink 9500ix Radar Detector And Cash Donation To Susan G. Komen For The Cure

10/28/2013 - At $226,000, This Is The Most Expensive Land Rover Ever

10/28/2013 - Fighting Above Its Weight Class – Hollywood Hot Rods Ford Mustang GT Convertible Goes Supercar Style For SEMA

10/28/2013 - Land Rover Raises Exclusivity Of Range Rover With Introduction Of Long Wheelbase And Autobiography Black

10/28/2013 - Lou Reed - 'Vicious'

10/28/2013 - For $4,500, Rock The Best-Looking Bowtie Ever

10/27/2013 - A Cyber Attack Against Israel Shut Down An Entire Road Last Month

10/27/2013 - Top Gear Wasn't Always So Hard On American Cars

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10/27/2013 - Pontiac Is Dead, And Maybe It Should Be

10/27/2013 - A Simple Crash In NASCAR Brings Up Politics, Nepotism, And Money

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10/26/2013 - Your Ridiculously Awesome And Muddy Wallpaper Is Here

10/26/2013 - Feds Told GM To Drop Pontiac Or No Bailout, Ex-GM Exec Says

10/26/2013 - Darrell Wallace Is First Black Driver To Win NASCAR Race In 50 years

10/26/2013 - Local Motors Is Building A Rally Fighter With A Crazy 600 Horsepower

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10/25/2013 - Nissan Announces 2014 Pathfinder Hybrid U.S. Pricing

10/25/2013 - Petition To Cancel Indian GP Will Be Heard One Week After Race Ends

10/25/2013 - New Range Rover Sport Set To Challenge 'Empty Quarter' Desert Crossing

10/25/2013 - Here Are Some Classic Le Mans Porsche Wallpapers, You're Welcome!

10/25/2013 - NORRA Announces Official Dates For 2014 General Tires NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally

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10/25/2013 - Toyota Statement On Bookout Trial

10/25/2013 - Icy Siberia Won't Stop This Land Rover Defender

10/25/2013 - Chevrolet Previews Performance-Oriented SEMA Concepts

10/25/2013 - 2013 SEMA Show On Track To Exceed 2,500 Exhibitors

10/25/2013 - Actor And Racer Patrick Dempsey Reveals His Muppet Co-Driver Choice


10/25/2013 - The Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Is An Impressive Engine With A Melty Ass

10/25/2013 - 2014 Honda Civic To Once Again Raise The Bar With Coupe World Debut At 2013 SEMA Show

10/25/2013 - Evacuation Of Fukushima Nuclear Plant Ordered After Tsunami Warning

10/25/2013 - The BMW 2-Series Is The Most Appealing BMW In A Long Time

10/25/2013 - How Sideways Can You Go In A Porsche 928?

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10/25/2013 - Bicycles Outsell Cars In Europe

10/25/2013 - Tesla Hires Apple VP Doug Field To Lead Vehicle Programs

10/25/2013 - The New Volvo Drive-E Powertrain Family -- World-Leading Engine Output Versus CO2 Emissions

10/25/2013 - Ford Embracing Analytics And Big Data To Inform Eco-Conscious Decisions, Stay Green

10/25/2013 - Porsche And Long-Distance Racing -- A Glipse Into A Fascinating World

10/25/2013 - Toyota Out $3 Million After Losing First Acceleration Lawsuit Ever

10/25/2013 - It's A $10,000 Fine For Texting While Driving In Alaska

10/25/2013 - The Aeromobil 2.5 Is The Flying Car You've Always Wanted

10/25/2013 - Elon Musk Is Still Annoyed At 'Anti-American' Jeremy Clarkson

10/25/2013 - Blame Boomer Auto Journalists For The 'Millennials Hate Cars' Meme

10/25/2013 - Car Infotainment Systems Continue To Piss People Off

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10/25/2013 - Arcade Fire -- 'Reflektor' The Entire Album

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10/24/2013 - Can You Make Gearheads Love The Prius?

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10/24/2013 - Tesla Steals Hardware Exec From Apple To Lead Vehicle Development

10/24/2013 - Tom Cruise Could Play Carroll Shelby In The Movie Of Go Like Hell

10/24/2013 - Wisconsin Cops Will Chase You Into A Rally Stage With Their WRX STI

10/24/2013 - Ken Block's Gymkhana Six Will Drop On November 11th, Might Have Lambos

10/24/2013 - How Texas's Absurd Anti-Tesla Laws Turn Car Buying Into A Joke

10/24/2013 - PPG Data Shows White Continues To Be Most Popular Global Car Color

10/24/2013 - Honda Introduces New Realtree® EU2000i Camo Portable Generator At 2013 GIE+EXPO

10/24/2013 - Woman Rides Horse To DMV To Get Driver's License Back

10/24/2013 - Lexus And EA Get In Gear With Real Racing 3

10/24/2013 - Land Rover And The Royal Geographical Society With Institute Of British Geographers (IBG) Bursary Winners - 'Pole of Cold' Expedition Team Gets Ready To Depart

10/24/2013 - The Caterham 160 Is Not That Cheap After All

10/24/2013 - The Book Of The Ferrari 288 GTO

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10/24/2013 - Discovery Channel's Wheeler Dealers Celebrates 100th Car Restoration With Veteran Car Run

10/24/2013 - Why I Still Love Small BMWs

10/24/2013 - Hyundai Motor Previews Soon-To-Be Launched All-New Genesis Premium Sedan

10/24/2013 - Volvo Attempts Wireless Charging Of Electric Cars

10/24/2013 - Derelict Lamborghini Countach Is Why Hipsters Can't Have Nice Things

10/24/2013 - Advice For Helping An Older Driver When It's Time To Give Up

10/24/2013 - GM Foundation Donates $150,000 To MADD

10/24/2013 - 2015 Hyundai Genesis: This Is It

10/24/2013 - New BMW ConnectedDrive Campaign

10/24/2013 - Volkswagen Opens New Plant In Ningbo, South Eastern China

10/24/2013 - What's The Best Factory Color You Can Order On A Car Today?

10/24/2013 - The Ten Most Amazing 'Cars Of The Future' That Were Actually Horrible

10/24/2013 - Silverados Benefit From 12.5 Million Miles Of Durability Testing

10/24/2013 - Truck Carrying Ten Smaller Trucks Nearly Falls Off Chinese Bridge

10/24/2013 - Angry Bull Attacks Traffic Cop

10/24/2013 - Volvo Car Group Completes Successful Study Of Cordless Charging For Electric Cars

10/24/2013 - Is This The New Mini-Jeep Testing In Italy?

10/24/2013 - Study Says Teens Aren't Anti-Car, They're Just Broke

10/24/2013 - Watch A Possibly Cuckolded Man Destroy His House With A Jeep

10/24/2013 - People Are Taking Guided Tours Of The Terrifying Packard Plant

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10/23/2013 - Take A Look Inside The Russian Spacesuit Factory

10/23/2013 - BMW M3 Drifts Are Good But BMW M3 Pickup Truck Drifts Are The Best

10/23/2013 - 'The 1998 Mercedes CLK320 Is Just What The Doctor Ordered'

10/23/2013 - Adam Carolla To Make Documentary On Paul Newman's Racing Career

10/23/2013 - When It Comes To Giving Car Advice, Honesty Is The Worst Policy

10/23/2013 - The Ferrari SP FFX: Ferrari's (Probably) All-Wheel-Drive Supercoupe

10/23/2013 - Sometimes You Just Want To Drive A Motorized Frog

10/23/2013 - One Dealer Wants You To Pay $100,000 For A 2014 Corvette

10/23/2013 - Graphic New Video Shows Bikers Beating Range Rover Driver

10/23/2013 - Six Aventadors: Hexventador

10/23/2013 - Vauxhall Bids For 18 Speed Endurance Records In Action-Packed 24 Hours

10/23/2013 - Ferrari For The Emilia Region 1.9 Million Euros Go To Families Of Quake Victims

10/23/2013 - Nissan To Offer Repair Updates On Your Vehicle Via Video

10/23/2013 - Just In Time For Winter: Jeep® Introduces New 2014 Wrangler Polar Edition For North American Market

10/23/2013 - Here's A Guy Doing A Backflip Over A 72-Foot Canyon

10/23/2013 - GM Announces 1.8 Megawatt Solar Project In Ohio

10/23/2013 - Ford Focus Extends Streak As Best-Selling Vehicle Nameplate Worldwide Through First Half Of 2013

10/23/2013 - These Chevettes Of Madness Are The Craigslistiest Craigslist Ad Ever

10/23/2013 - BMW M Performance Parts For The M5 Sedan, M6 Coupe, M6 Convertible And M6 Grand Coupe

10/23/2013 - Here's How New Jersey Car Enthusiasts Recovered From Hurricane Sandy

10/23/2013 - Nissan eVision: Making Garage Work More Transparent With Video

10/23/2013 - A Special Day

10/23/2013 - Camera Catches Drunk Woman Trying To Rob Cab Driver With Hammer

10/23/2013 - SsangYong Launches Rexton W - Serious Off-Roader Meets Smooth Urban Cruiser

10/23/2013 - Before Buying A Car, Accept That All You Think You Know Is Wrong

10/23/2013 - Honda Announces Models To Be Shown At 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

10/23/2013 - How Did This Dumb Plan To Steal An $80,000 Audi Actually Work?

10/23/2013 - Buick Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Regal

10/23/2013 - This 'Ken Box' Gymkhana Parody Is Every Warehouse Worker's Dream

10/23/2013 - The New C-Class

10/23/2013 - The 203-HP Jota Mazda MX-5 GT Is A Miata Worth Moving To England For

10/23/2013 - Peter Vincent's New Photography Book Celebrates The Bonneville Salt Flats

10/23/2013 - The AEV Brute Double Cab Is The Jeep Pickup You Always Wanted

10/23/2013 - New Jersey Driver Crashes Mini On Pedestrian Path Mistaken For Road

10/23/2013 - What 'Car Of The Future' Was Actually Shit?

10/23/2013 - Mazda Sells 10 Millionth Car In America, Not All Of Them Are Miatas

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10/23/2013 - YouTube Star's Asshat Prius Parking Job Gets Called Out On YouTube

10/23/2013 - Utah Man Drives Truck Up Capitol Steps, Gets 'Hands On' With Police

10/23/2013 - Destiny Is A Stranger Lending You His Racecar For Free

10/23/2013 - I Talked About Targeted Car Advertising On Live Radio

10/23/2013 - Florida Town Bans Loud Car Stereos

10/23/2013 - The 2015 Mercedes C Class Will Be Better Because It Has To Be

10/23/2013 - More Proof That The Best Way To Survive A Crash Is To Avoid It

10/23/2013 - The Honda S660 Concept Is A Sporting Return To Form For Honda

10/23/2013 - Ylvis -- 'Massachusetts'

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10/22/2013 - Peugeot Once Built An F1 Car With Mudflaps

10/22/2013 - Taxi Drivers See Some Crazy Shit

10/22/2013 - Used Car Prices Reprieve From Recession

10/22/2013 - 'The Lincoln Mark LT Is Infused With Glitzy Traits'

10/22/2013 - Stunning Photos Show LA's Roads Before They Were Roads

10/22/2013 - You All Think You're So Funny With Your Acronyms

10/22/2013 - Elon Musk Says Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Are 'Bullshit'

10/22/2013 - Racing Driver Talks About Killing A Spectator In Chilling Documentary

10/22/2013 - Why Today's Google Doodle Is Charming But Wrong

10/22/2013 - NAIAS Road Trips Bring Major Product Commitments

10/22/2013 - The Martini Mustang Will Make You Go 'Wow' All The Time

10/22/2013 - BMW Individual. The Expression Of Personality.

10/22/2013 - The New York Times Is Shutting Down Its Car Blog

10/22/2013 - Woman Loses Arm In Hit-And-Run, Police Need Help IDing The Vehicle

10/22/2013 - How Many Road Workers Does It Take To Change A Traffic Light?

10/22/2013 - This Amazing Lego Shelby Mustang Is More Advanced Than Some Real Cars

10/22/2013 - Honda Wants Stores To Help Autonomously Park Your Car

10/22/2013 - The Caterham 160 Is Tinier Than You Think

10/22/2013 - Watching This Rolls Royce Become Ugly Is Stupefyingly Mesmerizing

10/22/2013 - DOT Fines Ticket Agents for Code-Share Disclosure Violations

10/22/2013 - Woman Sleepwalks Herself Right On The Subway Tracks Near Boston

10/22/2013 - Kia Motors Announces Plans For First All-Electric Vehicle In The United States

10/22/2013 - Someone Tried To Carjack Detroit's Badass New Police Chief

10/22/2013 - Watch An Ariel Atom Race A Superbike On Track

10/22/2013 - Audi Will Get Its Own up! As A Way To Boost Profits

10/22/2013 - Ducati 1199 Superleggera

10/22/2013 - Horses Of A Different Color: From Gulfstream Aqua To Ruby Red, 50 Years Of Shifting Ford Mustang Color Favorites

10/22/2013 - What You Should Know About The Fuel You'll Be Putting In Your Car Soon

10/22/2013 - This Timelapse Shows How To Resupply An Aircraft Carrier At Sea

10/22/2013 - Texas Idiot Robs IHOP, Eats At Different IHOP, Gets Arrested

10/22/2013 - Sideways In The Snow In A BMW E36 M3

10/22/2013 - The Falcon X Is A Fancy Private Jet Designed With A Freaking Skylight

10/22/2013 - If You Want A Weird Porsche 911 Then You Need The Sbarro Challenge III

10/22/2013 - The 2014 Jeep Cherokee Is Finally On Its Way To Dealers

10/22/2013 - Can You ID What All The Buttons On This Steering Wheel Do?

10/22/2013 - Watch The Controlled Explosion Of 13 Derailed Petroleum Train Cars

10/22/2013 - Mercedes-Benz Supercars, Rare 300SL Gullwing Join Roster Of Vehicles Crossing The Block At RK Motors Car Auction

10/22/2013 - Camera Crew Catches Sleeping Driver Wake Up, Crash, Flee

10/22/2013 - Fuel Cell Equinox Tops 100,000 Miles In Real-World Driving

10/22/2013 - Infiniti And Campfire Premiere 'Deja View' – A State-Of-The-Art Responsive Film

10/22/2013 - What Is The Best Van Ever Built?

10/22/2013 - The World's Fastest Roads

10/22/2013 - David Higgins And Subaru Rally Team USA Win The 2013 Rally America National Championship With A Victory At Lake Superior Performance Rally

10/22/2013 - California Highway Patrol, L.A. Police Department, Impact Teen Drivers & Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy Join Forces For National Teen Driver Safety Week 2013

10/22/2013 - Ram Will Be First Manufacturer To Offer Light Duty Diesel Option

10/22/2013 - Now You Can Own Humphrey Bogart's 1940 Buick From Casablanca

10/22/2013 - Mazda Celebrates 10 Million Vehicles Sold In U.S.

10/22/2013 - Aging Population In Japan Might Make Self Driving Cars Very Popular

10/22/2013 - Honda Aircraft Company And American Honda Finance Corporation To Offer Honda Jet Financing In The United States

10/22/2013 - Back To The Future: Caterham Launches Seven 160

10/22/2013 - Watch A Race Car Driver Celebrate A Win With A Kickass Music Video

10/22/2013 - U.S. Carbon Emissions Are At Their Lowest Level In 20 Years

10/22/2013 - The Japanese Forgot How To Build A Sporty Luxury Sedan

10/22/2013 - The Caterham 160 Is Cheap, Quick, Efficient, Perfect

10/22/2013 - Bob Seger -- 'Like A Rock'

10/22/2013 - For $6,750, This BMW Is A Coupe De Grâce

10/21/2013 - The i3 Is BMW's Most Important Car In Decades

10/21/2013 - 'The 2005 Hyundai Tucson Has Urban Style'

10/21/2013 - Can You Have A Manual And Eat Your Burrito Too?

10/21/2013 - This Is Why You Don't Do Burnouts In The Middle Of A Racetrack

10/21/2013 - Watch This Awesome Cop Popping His Trunk In A Slab Parade

10/21/2013 - Scenes From The Last Ever American Le Mans Series Race

10/21/2013 - INFICON Leak Detection Systems Featured At Automotive Testing Expo

10/21/2013 - Here's Why Japanese Commentators Should Announce Everything

10/21/2013 - Who You Should Blame For The Death Of The Gated Shifter

10/21/2013 - Yokohama Tire Corporatoin Launches New Mobile Website

10/21/2013 - Bloody Fight Breaks Out At A Florida Used Car Dealership

10/21/2013 - Caribou, 772,000 Odometer Readings, Love Stories, And A Tucson 'Convertible' Are Hyundai Memorable Moments

10/21/2013 - Enterprise Car Sales Launches First-Ever Television Commercial

10/21/2013 - Will Zoox Show An Autonomous Car At The LA Show Or A Big Load Of Crap?

10/21/2013 - Nissan ZEOD RC Hits The Track At Fuji

10/21/2013 - Customers Rate Porsche Consulting As The Best Management Consultancy Firm

10/21/2013 - This BMW E30 M3 Rally Crash Is Sad Yet Also Hilarious

10/21/2013 - It Sucks We Don't Get French Hot Hatches Like The Peugeot 208 GTI

10/21/2013 - Why Do Slightly Opened Car Windows Make That Awful Sound?

10/21/2013 - Around And Around The V6-Powered Datsun 260Z Goes

10/21/2013 - Always Reset The Trip Computer Before Giving Back Your Ferrari Loaner

10/21/2013 - Dash Cam Video Captures Russian Bus Bombing That Killed Six

10/21/2013 - Little Girl Who Rode With Richard Hammond In A Pink Lambo Passed Away

10/21/2013 - The 2015 Mercedes C-Class Will Be A More Attractive CLA

10/21/2013 - Is There Anything Better Than A Pagani?

10/21/2013 - What Road Has The Highest Speed Limit In The World?

10/21/2013 - The Ten Most Spectacularly Designed Automotive Graphics

10/21/2013 - This Highway Is So Safe It Doesn't Need A Speed Limit

10/21/2013 - What The Hell Is This?

10/21/2013 - Lamborghini Veneno Roadster -- A Collector’s Masterpiece Of Engineering And Design

10/21/2013 - The Scion FR-S Sedan Might Happen By 2016 If Subaru Says Yes

10/21/2013 - The 2013 DTM Season In The BMW Motorsport Review.

10/21/2013 - The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Is A Ridiculous Trip To Insanetown

10/21/2013 - New Ford Transit Connect Taxi Ready For Service From New York City To Los Angeles To Hong Kong

10/21/2013 - What Does The Fox Say Guys Make The Electric Car Prank Of The Future

10/21/2013 - Quantum Rush – First Official Online Racing Event Is A Success

10/21/2013 - How Ford And RAM Are Screwing Up GM's New Truck Launch

10/21/2013 - ALMS Petit Le Mans Race Reports

10/21/2013 - The Corolla Is So Boring Even Toyota Doesn't Know What Engine It Has

10/21/2013 - Performance Figures For The McLaren P1™ Confirmed As The First Customer Car Is Delivered

10/21/2013 - McLaren P1: 0-62 MPH In 2.8 Seconds, 28 MPG, OMG, OMG, OMG

10/21/2013 - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - 'Let's Get High'

10/21/2013 - For $25,000, See If Eight Goes Into Six

10/21/2013 - Plastic-Wrapped Matchbox 20 Nostalgia Is The Saturn L-Series

10/20/2013 - This McLaren-Honda F1 Documentary Has All The Greats And A Concerto

10/20/2013 - The Best Utes In The World

10/20/2013 - The Ten Worst Pieces Of Music In Car Commercials

10/20/2013 - Infiniti Wants Panamera Rival Because They Listen To Sebastian Vettel

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10/20/2013 - The Amazing 1/24 Scale Cars A Giant Built For His Tiny Fictional Town

10/20/2013 - Ferrari Flourishes In Hong Kong

10/20/2013 - Škoda Reveals That Yeti Exists

10/20/2013 - Buick Eyes A Diesel Do-Over And A Faster Encore

10/20/2013 - Watch Red Bull Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner Race A VW Scirocco

10/20/2013 - Bob Lutz Offers Fisker Karma Owners Some V8 Engines

10/19/2013 - Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW M3 Race Car Wallpaper Is Here

10/19/2013 - This Poor Elderly Gentleman Is The Worst Thing I've Seen All Day

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10/19/2013 - Farewell To The American Le Mans Series, We Will Miss Thee

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10/19/2013 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, October 19-20, 2013

10/18/2013 - When Does A Model Year Really Start Anyway?

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10/18/2013 - How To Wash Your Car When You Don't Give A Fuck Anymore

10/18/2013 - The SRT Viper Needs You To Name Its New Blue Color

10/18/2013 - Ricky Bobby's Wonderbread NASCAR Will Hit The Track This Weekend

10/18/2013 - This Test Proves Roundabouts Are Better Than Four-Way Stops

10/18/2013 - Which Of The New F1 Turbo Engines Sound The Best?

10/18/2013 - Man Driving Without A License For 40 Years Finally Caught

10/18/2013 - 2014 BMW 420d M Sport: The Jalopnik European Review

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10/18/2013 - That Millennial Who Hates Cars Actually Gets A Few Things Right

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10/18/2013 - Tesla Uses AT&T For In-Car Communications Because Who Needs Reception?

10/18/2013 - Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Proclaims Oct. 20-26 As Teen Driver Safety Week

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10/18/2013 - The One Really Big Error In Gravity No One Seems To Be Talking About

10/18/2013 - Here's How Automakers Can Reach Out To Minorities, From A Minority

10/18/2013 - 'Fast Track' Your Kid With Racing-Stripe Adorned Stroller

10/18/2013 - Competitive Training With The Florida Winter Series

10/18/2013 - Adding Style And Colour To Urban Life – The smart fortwo BoConcept Cdition

10/18/2013 - 1969 McLaren Can-Am Car, Yours For $12,500

10/18/2013 - How To Drive Like A Maniac On Public Roads Without Getting Arrested

10/18/2013 - Holy Hell There's A $2 Million Bertone Mantide In Massachusetts

10/18/2013 - Chevrolet Tests Hand Cycle At Marathon

10/18/2013 - Aston Martin GT4 Challenge Of North America Announced At Petit Le Mans

10/18/2013 - Toyota Recalls 870,000 Cars Because Of Freaking Spiders

10/18/2013 - My Thoughts On Being Ousted From My Family's Company

10/18/2013 - Showboating Brazilian Truck Driver Crashes Into Crowd

10/18/2013 - What's The Coolest In-Car Graphic?

10/18/2013 - The Ten Coolest Racing Helmets You Can Buy

10/18/2013 - Toyota RAV4 + Rubik’s Cube = Fun³

10/18/2013 - The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Has No Roof And Costs $4.5 Million

10/18/2013 - Watch Highlights Of The Alfa Romeo 4C's Ripping 'Ring Run

10/18/2013 - Nissan To Show A BRZ Fighter Concept And Something More 'Crazy'

10/18/2013 - Help Catch A Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed A Teacher Near Seattle

10/18/2013 - Fisker's Remains Reportedly Bought By Son Of Asia's Richest Man

10/18/2013 - Ferrari Looking To Excel In Last Ever ALMS Race

10/18/2013 - Alfa Romeo 4C Completes 'The Green Hell' Of The Nürburgring In Just 8’04’’

10/18/2013 - Alfa Romeo Is Valuable Because Of Romantic Old Men

10/18/2013 - Ford Prepares To Unlease 'Vandemonium' At 2013 SEMA Show In Las Vegas, Launches Online Vehicle Dreamcase

10/18/2013 - Can A Rough Road Set Off Your Airbag?

10/18/2013 - The Carbonfools -- 'Opened Doors'

10/18/2013 - For $13,000, We Are Family

10/17/2013 - ZOMG! Elon Musk To Turn Lotus Submarine Into Working Bond Car

10/17/2013 - The First Postwar Cadillac Could Have Been A Tatra 603

10/17/2013 - The New Dodge Durango Is Also A Police Vehicle

10/17/2013 - Read This Cherokee Craigslist Ad

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10/17/2013 - The Best Non-American Pickup Trucks

10/17/2013 - Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptors Outrun Chevrolet Caprice V8, Hemi Dodge Charger In Michigan State Police Testing

10/17/2013 - BMW Motorrad Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary In The BMW Museum

10/17/2013 - This Ferocious 1,000 Horsepower Corvette Z06 Is A Swan Song For The C6

10/17/2013 - 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Edition: The Jalopnik Review

10/17/2013 - I'm So Sorry, But I Have To Name My Daughter Donkervoort Now

10/17/2013 - Trooper Claims SUV Attack Victim's Uncle Ordered Clampdown On Bikers

10/17/2013 - The Fox Body Mustang: A Return To Form

10/17/2013 - Happy Birthday To Eccentric Mumbler And F1 Champ KimI Raikkonen

10/17/2013 - Nissan Passion Genome To Link People And Their Passions Using Social Media

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10/17/2013 - Holy Crap, Some Wonderful Kooks Are Building New Mini Mokes In China

10/17/2013 - Pagani's Option List For The Huayra Is Simply Insane

10/17/2013 - Kia Unsure Whether To Keep Soul Hamsters Skinny Or Fatten Them Back Up

10/17/2013 - California Drivers Can Get A Snoopy License Plate To Save Museums

10/17/2013 - Your Next Car Will Drive Itself

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10/17/2013 - Transformers 4 Will Feature The Pagani Huayra And Ferrari 458 Speciale

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10/17/2013 - Car Customizer Chip Foose Is Back To Answer More Of Your Questions

10/17/2013 - Watch This Confused Sheep Wreak Havoc At A Detroit Auto Shop

10/17/2013 - Can You Name All The Cars In The Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer?

10/17/2013 - This Couple Circled The Country In A Tesla Model S

10/17/2013 - What's The Coolest Helmet You Can Buy?

10/17/2013 - Ex-Motorcycle Racer Stuck In Dubai After Wife's Mysterious Death

10/17/2013 - The Ten Best Airline Coach Seats

10/17/2013 - Joe Lhota Uses Biker Attack Video In New Scare Campaign

10/17/2013 - Cadillac ELR Takes Active Noise Cancelling To The Limit

10/17/2013 - Bridge Of Weir Congratulates Scottish Car Of The Year Award Winners 2013

10/17/2013 - Watch This TV Reporter Silently Freak Out On A Race Track

10/17/2013 - Team GB Athlete Louise Hazel Supports Kia Walking Bus Scheme

10/17/2013 - The 2015 Ford Mustang Will Be Revealed In December, Or Next Week

10/17/2013 - Akerson Announces Bi-Fuel Chevrolet Impala Sedan

10/17/2013 - Elon Musk Is Secret Buyer Who Spent $866K On James Bond's Lotus Sub

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10/17/2013 - Otis Redding -- 'I've Been Loving You Too Long'

10/17/2013 - For $6,500, Become Super Man (or Woman, If That’s How you Roll)

10/16/2013 - Someone Crashed A New 2014 Impala Into Three New Corvette Stingrays

10/16/2013 - Doug Guthrie, Detroit News Auto Critic, Dead At 60

10/16/2013 - GM's $600 Million Deal With Manchester United Was a 'No Brainer'

10/16/2013 - 'The 2009 Ford Focus Is Quite Peppy'

10/16/2013 - How To Get A $410,000 Bentley To Do A Burnout

10/16/2013 - Didn't London's Parking Enforcement Hear About The Shutdown?

10/16/2013 - Report Claims Jaguar Is Doomed If Their 3-Series Fighter Fails

10/16/2013 - The Koenigsegg Agera R Is Basically Idiot Proof

10/16/2013 - Texas Race Track's Bacon Beer Milkshake Is Likely The Best Thing Ever

10/16/2013 - This Gas Station Attendant Break Dances While Filling Up Your Car

10/16/2013 - This Hot Rendering Adds Some Muscle To The 2015 Ford Mustang

10/16/2013 - Where Is The World's Most Expensive Corvette Stingray?

10/16/2013 - This Is What It's Like Racing A Classic Mercedes At The Nurburgring

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10/16/2013 - Dealership Inadvertently Sold Man A Stolen Car, Still Demanded Payment

10/16/2013 - China Has Knockoff Gas Stations Now

10/16/2013 - GM Jumps On The Natural Gas Bandwagon With Bi-Fuel Chevy Impala

10/16/2013 - 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black: An Orgasm With Gullwings

10/16/2013 - American Alexander Rossi Will Drive In F1 Practice At US Grand Prix

10/16/2013 - Woman Runs From Police, Gets Hit By Two Trains, Somehow Lives

10/16/2013 - Watch This Camaro Z28 vs. ZL1 vs. Corvette ZR1 Nürburgring Lap Battle

10/16/2013 - Ousted Exec Uses Retweets To Passive-Aggressively Slam Old Bosses

10/16/2013 - Drifting A Lada In Slow Motion

10/16/2013 - Injured Kangaroo Hops Into Melbourne Airport, Goes Right To Pharmacy

10/16/2013 - You Can Buy Parts Off A 2014 Corvette Crashed By A 'Guy Named Mikey G'

10/16/2013 - London Cop Tickets Hillary Clinton, Tells Secret Service To Suck It

10/16/2013 - Why Chevy Built, Destroyed And Finally Rebuilt The Camaro Z/28

10/16/2013 - Fantastic New Wheels Festival Puts Bournemouth In Pole Position As Britain's Top Holiday Resort

10/16/2013 - Le Mans Winners, DTM Aces And Star Guest Felix Baumgartner In Hockenheim For Three-Way Title Race In The Scirocco R-Cup

10/16/2013 - Study Says Car Pollution Kills More People Than Car Accidents

10/16/2013 - Which Airline Has The Best Coach?

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10/16/2013 - Expect These New SUVs From Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover

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10/16/2013 - The New E63 AMG S-Model – With 4MATIC

10/16/2013 - This Man Wants To Make The Steering Wheel Obsolete

10/16/2013 - Ford Reduces Water And Oil Use In Plants Globally With Expansion Of Near-Dry Machining Technology

10/16/2013 - 2014 Acura ILX Hybrid Adds To Acura Luxury Gateway Sedan Offerings

10/16/2013 - Who Just Spent $24 Million To Build A Mysterious Supercar?

10/16/2013 - Muirhead Selected For British Airways Refurbishment

10/16/2013 - All-New Mercedes-Benz Flagship 2014 S-Class Makes Its In-Store And On-Screen Debut

10/16/2013 - Motorcycle Riders Hit With $20,000 Fine After Cops Find Helmet Video

10/16/2013 - Metronomy -- "A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)"

10/16/2013 - For $2,700, Hi Ho Silver!

10/15/2013 - Could Electric Cars Give Back?

10/15/2013 - 'The Latest Shot From The General Is A 580 HP Missile Called ZL1'

10/15/2013 - Don't Forget The Car You Drove Before You Were Famous

10/15/2013 - This Test Of The Ford GT40, GT70 And GT Is A Celebration Of Speed

10/15/2013 - 19,000 Jeep Cherokees Have Been Built And Not One Is For Sale

10/15/2013 - Florida Woman Somehow Gets Stuck On 22-Foot Draw Bridge

10/15/2013 - The Porsche 911 2.7 RS Was Born To Be Raced

10/15/2013 - Meet The Man Who Drives For Top Gear

10/15/2013 - Help These Ghostbusters Fans Buy And Restore Ecto 1a

10/15/2013 - Man Who Has Had Sex With 999 Cars Will Marry VW Beetle

10/15/2013 - Do It In A Datsun 240Z

10/15/2013 - Why Redskins Star Alfred Morris' Dream Is This Humble 1991 Mazda 626

10/15/2013 - Bus Smashes Into Parked Cars While Rider And Driver Fight

10/15/2013 - This Is Your Face At 457 Miles Per Hour

10/15/2013 - The New BMW 4 Series Convertible

10/15/2013 - This Porsche 911 Is Still Better Offroad Than Your SUV

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10/15/2013 - Old Buses Will Become Showers For San Francisco's Homeless

10/15/2013 - Deep Mourning For Race Driver Sean Edwards

10/15/2013 - Charles Morgan, Grandson Of Morgan Cars Founder, Leaves Company

10/15/2013 - This Might Be The World's Most Badass Rescue Vehicle

10/15/2013 - Nissan Celebrates 10 Million Tennesee-Built Vehicles With Start Of U.S. Rouge Assembly

10/15/2013 - Who's The Douchiest Supercar Driver Ever Caught On Video?

10/15/2013 - The Ten Most Worthless New Car Technologies

10/15/2013 - This Is The Best Rendering Of The 2015 Ford Mustang Yet

10/15/2013 - Half-Naked Bro Fails To Jump Train Tracks

10/15/2013 - World's Greatest Masshole Nearly Crashes Into State Trooper

10/15/2013 - Audi RS5 with Compressor Kit 'MC5XX' by MCCHIP DKR

10/15/2013 - Drayson Racing Sets Four Electric Land Speed Records*

10/15/2013 - The Tata Nano Failed Because It Was Too Cheap

10/15/2013 - Kelley Blue Book Launches Enhanced New-Car Shopping Experience With All-New Price Advisor

10/15/2013 - Land Rover Completes World’s First Hybrid Expedition Along Silk Trail From Solihull To Mumbai

10/15/2013 - Watch The 2014 Camaro Z/28 Lap The 'Ring Faster Than A 911 Carrera S

10/15/2013 - Anamanaguchi -- 'Scott Pilgrim Anthem'

10/15/2013 - Racer Sean Edwards Killed In Accident In Australia

10/15/2013 - For $13,500, Snakes Alive!

10/14/2013 - New World Record Attempt Gets Underway As Vintage Adventurer Leaves Staten Island For LA

10/14/2013 - Cadillac ELR Sales To Begin In January

10/14/2013 - 2014 Mazda Shootout Class Revealed

10/14/2013 - Ford, University Of Michigan Create New Kind Of Battery Lab To Speed Development Of Future Electrified Vehicles

10/14/2013 - Sebastian Vettel Is Not Ruining Formula One

10/14/2013 - Ford's Jim Farley And Google's Tarun Bhatnagar Slated To Present Keynote At LA Auto Show's Connected Car Expo

10/14/2013 - Chevrolet Offers iPhone Users Siri Eyes Free Integration

10/14/2013 - 'For The 1989 Cadillac Seville STS, Hope Springs Eternal'

10/14/2013 - The Silver Lining Of A Badly Painted Ferrari

10/14/2013 - Surprise! $528,000 Ferrari F50 Driven By Shirtless Asshat Crashes

10/14/2013 - The 2014 Corvette Stingray Is Amazing Even In The Rain

10/14/2013 - Minis Will Have Head-Up Display And Other Upmarket Gadgets

10/14/2013 - Range Rover Hybrid Driven To India, Proves It's The Best Hybrid By Far

10/14/2013 - Here Are Two Ways To Build The Subaru Legend We Never Got

10/14/2013 - This Has To Be The Worst Ferrari 458 Italia Paint Job Ever

10/14/2013 - Video For Ultimate Driving Machine Says Precisely Nothing About Driving

10/14/2013 - The World Endurance Championship Is A Sham Without A 12 Hour Race

10/14/2013 - This Domino Effect Motorcycle Crash Is Absolutely Ridiculous

10/14/2013 - Can A Bad Handling Car Be A Good Driver's Car?

10/14/2013 - Whoa, This Shitty Datsun Jump Is Huge

10/14/2013 - The Unbelievable Parody Site That Sparked A Race Team's Losing Lawsuit

10/14/2013 - Turns Out No One Wants To Rent An Electric Car

10/14/2013 - Next Mini Cooper Will Get A Plug-in Hybrid, Spawn 1,000 Other Cars

10/14/2013 - What's The Most Worthless New Car Technology?

10/14/2013 - The Ten Worst Misconceptions About Modern Cars

10/14/2013 - 300 Cars Reportedly On Fire In Florida Junkyard

10/14/2013 - Google Street View Goes To Honda Museum, Makes World Travel Obsolete

10/14/2013 - Racing Driver, Badass Maria de Villota Died Because Of Her Crash

10/14/2013 - Watch An Amazing Trucker Cut Off A Driver To Save Them From A Crash

10/14/2013 - The Honda S2000 Will Make You A Selfish, Initial D Obsessed Cop Magnet

10/14/2013 - Red Bull's Five F1 Cars Are The Most Expensive Puzzles In Motorsport

10/14/2013 - Ron Burgundy Ads Help The Dodge Durango Stay Classy

10/14/2013 - ? & The Mysterians -- '96 Tears'

10/14/2013 - For $20,000, Oh Canada!

10/13/2013 - This BBC Documentary Is A Fascinating Look Into The World Of 1980's F1

10/13/2013 - The Best Road-Going Race Cars In The World

10/13/2013 - This Is How They Tow Cars In Europe In Under A Minute

10/13/2013 - GM Thinks Escalade Diesel Is A Good Idea Because Jeep's Doing Diesel

10/13/2013 - Wild Boar Attacks Cars In Most Russian Dash Cam Ever

10/13/2013 - This Is What A Truly Small V8 Sounds Like

10/13/2013 - Used Car Face Off: Aging Gracefully With Old New Luxury Sedans

10/13/2013 - The World Was Awesome When Airships And Blimps Ruled The Skies

10/13/2013 - The 2015 Porsche Macan Will Have These Funky Quad Headlights

10/13/2013 - The 2014 BMW M3 Interior Looks Like It Should

10/13/2013 - This Ford Brought Its A-Game

10/12/2013 - 2014 BMW 4-Series Convertible: This Is It

10/12/2013 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Bentley EXP Speed 8 Wallpaper Is Here

10/12/2013 - This Desperate Attempt To Escape A Parking Lot Will Drive You Nuts

10/12/2013 - Judge Rules The Sale Of Replica Kit Cars Illegal

10/12/2013 - Banksy's New Stuffed Animal Truck Is Really Creepy

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10/12/2013 - What Are The Biggest Cargo Vehicles?

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10/12/2013 - A Hapless Groom Forgot His New Bride At A Gas Station For Two Hours

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10/12/2013 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, October 12-13, 2013

10/11/2013 - Malaysia Is Where Land Rovers Go To Die

10/11/2013 - Tesla Model S Totalled In Violent New York Crash

10/11/2013 - Say Ciao Bella To The 2005 Maserati Quattroporte

10/11/2013 - Go Ahead, Put Jalops In Charge Of The Accident Avoidance System Today

10/11/2013 - The First Customer C7 Corvette Crash: That Didn't Take Long

10/11/2013 - Watch Top Gear Try And Powerslide The 903-Horsepower McLaren P1

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10/11/2013 - Two Kids Broke Into LaGuardia In '68 And Recorded This Great Footage

10/11/2013 - This Is The Fastest Ever Lap Around Daytona International Speedway

10/11/2013 - Here's An Exclusive Preview Of Mad Magazine's Fake Hybrid Ad

10/11/2013 - These Charts Show How Much Better Engines Are Today

10/11/2013 - Trucker Protest A Bust Thanks To Rain, Everyone Realizing It Was Dumb

10/11/2013 - Lamborghini's Sinister Gallardo Super Trofeo Is Terrifyingly Amazing

10/11/2013 - The Least Prepared Team In The History Of The 24 Hours Of LeMons

10/11/2013 - The Nissan Juke RS NISMO Will Be The Fastest Juke You Can Afford

10/11/2013 - The Cadillac ELR Will Cost $75,995, I.E. As Much As A Tesla Model S

10/11/2013 - There Is At Least One '68 Dodge Charger Left And It's Doing Burnouts

10/11/2013 - Air Canada Wants US News To Focus On Shutdown, Not The Dog They Lost

10/11/2013 - Holy Crap Scion Might Be Working On A Four Door Shooting Brake FR-S

10/11/2013 - Cadillac CTS-V Coupe: Eating Your Way To A Burnout

10/11/2013 - Jeremy Clarkson Likes The McLaren P1. A Lot.

10/11/2013 - What's The Worst Misconception About Modern Cars?


10/11/2013 - Ferrari Apprentices Start Living The Dream

10/11/2013 - The Ten Best Games To Play On A Road Trip

10/11/2013 - Volvo Car Group’s New Connectivity System Receives Red Dot Design Award

10/11/2013 - The 2013 Targa Florio Ferrari Tribute Is Go

10/11/2013 - Five Years Later, OnStar Still Slowing Down Car Thieves

10/11/2013 - Toyota Develops New Pedestrian Safety Technology

10/11/2013 - How To Make A Boombox Out Of Old Car Parts

10/11/2013 - Premium Driver Assistance Systems Coming To New Mini Hardtop

10/11/2013 - To Celebrate Jalopnik's Ninth Birthday, Show Us Your Favorite Stories

10/11/2013 - Ford EcoBoost V6 Engine Powers Colin Braun, Michael Shank Racing To New Speed Records At Daytona

10/11/2013 - Toyota To Launch Advanced Driving Support System Using Automated Driving Technologies In Mid-2010S

10/11/2013 - Jury Finds Old Person, Not Toyota Liable For Woman's Death

10/11/2013 - Toyota Wins Unintended Acceleration Bellwether Trial

10/11/2013 - Toyota Plans Crash-Stopping Tech That Keeps Its Cars 'Fun To Drive'

10/11/2013 - Haerts -- 'Wings'

10/11/2013 - For $2,500, Wake Up Rip Van Volvo

10/11/2013 - Racing Driver, Badass Maria de Villota Found Dead In Hotel Room

10/10/2013 - Pat Goss Debunks Zinc In Your Oil

10/10/2013 - People Of The '60s Must Have Known What Roads Would Be Like Today

10/10/2013 - Now You Can Own The Second-To-Last Convertible JFK Ever Rode In

10/10/2013 - Perfect Car Crash Creates Monument To Terrible Drivers Everywhere

10/10/2013 - Here Is A Redskins Running Back's Mazda 626 Getting Totally Restored

10/10/2013 - This Is What An F40 Would Look Like If You'd Bought One New

10/10/2013 - Volvo Races Truck Against Wild Spanish Bulls

10/10/2013 - Get On This Reality Show And Become America's Next Top Car Designer

10/10/2013 - New Tumblr Shames Cops (And One Citi Bike Van) Parked In Bike Lanes

10/10/2013 - This Is What A Great '60s Futurist Thought The Present Would Look Like

10/10/2013 - You Can Race The Stig's Digital Cousin In Forza Motorsport 5

10/10/2013 - Land Rover Says The Defender Will Be Dead In A Couple Of Years

10/10/2013 - This Million Dollar Toyota 2000GT Didn't Get A Shiny Garage

10/10/2013 - Florida Boat Cops Find $700K Worth Of Cocaine In Water Because Florida

10/10/2013 - F1 Reporter Remakes Beastie Boys Video In Japan Because Why Not

10/10/2013 - This Ferrari FF Coupe Could Be The Best Car Ferrari Will Make

10/10/2013 - Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison

10/10/2013 - Help Fund This Abandoned Iowa Race Track's Glorious Comeback

10/10/2013 - Well, This Nitrous Jeep Hillclimb Run Didn't Go As Expected

10/10/2013 - Watch This Train Absolutely Obliterate A Stalled Tractor Trailer

10/10/2013 - With The Wind In Your Face

10/10/2013 - Do You Have The Kaizen Factor?

10/10/2013 - Did This Guy Get Punched For Daring To Pass A Chinese Party Boss?

10/10/2013 - What's Your Favorite Road Trip Game?

10/10/2013 - The Ten Most Expensive Vehicles To Operate

10/10/2013 - Jenson Button's Helmet For The Japanese Grand Prix Is All Sorts Of Win

10/10/2013 - Viral Video: New Volvo FL Chased By Bulls

10/10/2013 - You Probably Didn't Know Toyota Builds Houses, Too

10/10/2013 - This Brazil-Only Ducati Tribute To Ayrton Senna Is Fit For A Champion

10/10/2013 - Archer's Remake Of The Top Gun 'Danger Zone' Scene Is Total Perfection

10/10/2013 - The Chinese Are Losing Their Minds For Fords

10/10/2013 - Alfa Romeo Almost Built This Mid-Engined Group B Amazemachine

10/10/2013 - Every R/C Vette Really Needs A Rocket Motor

10/10/2013 - Hugh Masekela -- "Grazing In The Grass"

10/10/2013 - For $14,500, Hide In Plain Sight

10/9/2013 - Welcome Back To The Automotive World Of The 1970s

10/9/2013 - 'The Corvette Stingray Is Causing A Frenzy In The Automotive Waters'

10/9/2013 - Australian Moron Gets Into Police Chase Because Of The Internet

10/9/2013 - Making A Case For Print And Pepto Bismol

10/9/2013 - Brave Saudi Woman Defies Nation's Driving Ban On Camera

10/9/2013 - Is The Mercedes CLA45 Like A Fancy German Mitsubishi Evo?

10/9/2013 - Take A Lap Around Virginia International Raceway In A 2014 Corvette

10/9/2013 - Let's Help Find This Stolen Custom Honda Civic

10/9/2013 - The Carbon Fiber Frame Of This $12,800 Bike Weighs Just 1.9 Pounds

10/9/2013 - Norwegians Are Buying Used Teslas For Way More Than They Cost New

10/9/2013 - The Most Badass Support Vehicles In The World

10/9/2013 - Man Blames Dukes Of Hazzard-Style Chase On Having To Poop Real Bad

10/9/2013 - 2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In To Start Under $30,000

10/9/2013 - LA Auto Show Confirms 22 World Debuts For 2013 Show

10/9/2013 - Gurgel May Be The Weirdest Car Company Ever

10/9/2013 - This Is One Of Those Rare Crashes Where The Scooter Wins

10/9/2013 - 2014 Chevrolet Malibu Offers Hands-Free Texting

10/9/2013 - Further Proof That People In Los Angeles Have No Clue How To Drive

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10/9/2013 - 2013 Lincoln MKZ: The Jalopnik Review

10/9/2013 - Rallycross Multi-Champion Pulls Off Ultimate Dick Move

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10/9/2013 - The New Chevy Malibu Tries To Cheat Darwin, Will Text For You

10/9/2013 - Tour The Lamborghini Museum On Google Street View, Climb Into A Miura!

10/9/2013 - The BMW M235i Will Do 0-To-60 MPH In Under 5 Seconds

10/9/2013 - What's The Most Expensive Vehicle To Operate?

10/9/2013 - LAPD To Test Electric Motorcycles Thanks To Motocrossing Police Chief

10/9/2013 - The Ten Car Repairs You're Most Likely To Get Ripped Off On

10/9/2013 - Man With No Flying Experience Lands Plane After Pilot Gets Sick

10/9/2013 - Washington Trucker Jam-Up Is A Hoax, Says Ex-Organizer

10/9/2013 - Ford Tests Cars That Park At The Touch Of A Button And Automatically Swerve Around Obstacles

10/9/2013 - Man Wielding Sword Trounces Tasers, Sends Police Car Flying

10/9/2013 - The Neiman Marcus Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Is Just $344,500

10/9/2013 - Lincoln To Attempt Non-Terrible Advertising Campaign

10/9/2013 - Pixies -- 'Indie Cindy'

10/9/2013 - You Can Change The Color Of This Car With A Bottle Of Cold Water

10/9/2013 - For $2,500, Hum A New Tune

10/8/2013 - Undercover Cop Arrested For Attacking Range Rover In Biker Chase [UPDATE]

10/8/2013 - A 250CC Middle Finger To The Government Shutdown

10/8/2013 - The 2014 BMW 4-Series Convertible Is Pretty Much What We Expected

10/8/2013 - Nissan's Taxi Of Tomorrow Slammed By Manhattan Judge

10/8/2013 - 'The 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Has Proactive Chassis Control'

10/8/2013 - Fisker's Bloated, Debt-Ridden Carcass Is Up For Auction

10/8/2013 - Cross Your Fingers And Hope He Doesn't Have The Car You Want

10/8/2013 - The Best Racing Specials

10/8/2013 - Unique Center Caps Ready For U.S.

10/8/2013 - 1988 BMW M3: The Jalopnik Classic Review

10/8/2013 - Red Bull May Have Invented A Secret New Hybrid Technology

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10/8/2013 - Fangio's Daily Driver Goes To Auction Without Reserve

10/8/2013 - Spectacular Widebody Version And 781 HP For Ferrari F12berlinetta

10/8/2013 - Guys, Escalades Aren't Really Popular With 'The Rappers' Anymore

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10/8/2013 - Hipster Akio Toyoda Is Our Salute To Japan's Coolest Car Executive

10/8/2013 - Young Drivers Prove Fast Learners

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10/8/2013 - Ron Burgundy Anchors New 2014 Dodge Durango Advertising Campaign

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10/8/2013 - Ford Celebrates 100th Anniversary Of The Moving Assembly Line With New Goals For Advanced, Flexible

10/8/2013 - Watch This Giant 6x6 Tatra Truck Flip Itself Like A Turtle

10/8/2013 - Incredible Collection Of Dusty BMWs Up For Sale In Connecticut

10/8/2013 - Could This Be The C7 Corvette ZR1's Supercharged Engine?

10/8/2013 - This Is The Texas Highway Patrol's Monster New Cop Car

10/8/2013 - Watch The 'Speed Kills Myth' Guy Dominate This Debate On Speed Limits

10/8/2013 - What Car Repair Are You Most Likely To Get Ripped Off On?

10/8/2013 - Mitsubishi Motors Unveils Three World Premiers At The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013

10/8/2013 - The Ten Most Overrated Roads In The World

10/8/2013 - Mitsubishi Concept Sketch Might Preview The Next Montero, Maybe

10/8/2013 - Craftsmanship Defines All-New 2015 Cadillac Escalade

10/8/2013 - Biker Witness Claims SUV Driver Started Attack With Hit-And-Run

10/8/2013 - This 24-Cylinder Lamborghini-Powered Speedboat Is The Best Boat

10/8/2013 - Japanese Automakers Want To Make Cars "Cool" Again

10/8/2013 - This Might Be The Worst Driving I've Ever Seen

10/8/2013 - Truckers Pissed At Government To Jam Up D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congress

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10/7/2013 - British Polar Explorer Leaves UK For Groundbreaking Antarctic Expedition

10/7/2013 - Sebastian Loeb Finished His Rally Career Upside Down

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10/7/2013 - Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Legendary Unique Riva Aquarama Lamborghini Has Been Restored

10/7/2013 - Hyundai And The Walking Dead Bring Fan-Designed Zombie Survival Machine To Life

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10/7/2013 - 2014 Lexus IS C Delivers Best Of Coupe And Convertible Worlds

10/7/2013 - Gen 5 Camaro Performance Parts Released

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10/4/2013 - Brilliant Canadian Military Wants Soldiers To Drive Rally Cars

10/4/2013 - What's The Most Obscure Vehicular Law On The Books?

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10/4/2013 - Volkswagen XL1, World’s Most Fuel-Efficient And Aerodynamic Production Car, Makes U.S. Debut In Chattanooga

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10/4/2013 - 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Prototype Sells For $200,000 At Barrett-Jackson

10/4/2013 - Biker Crushed By SUV In NYC Attack Hires Celeb Lawyer Gloria Allred

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10/3/2013 - 2014 Mazda3

10/3/2013 - Man Posts Video From Mystery Drone That Nearly Crashed Into Him

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10/3/2013 - Study Shows Many Pet Car Safety Restraints To Be Unsafe

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10/3/2013 - Tiggywinkles To The Rescue With New Hilux Ambulance

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10/3/2013 - The Ten Coolest Government Vehicles

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10/3/2013 - A Few Special Alfa Romeo GTVs Came With A V8

10/3/2013 - Watch A Cyclist Come Inches From Getting Run Over By A Train

10/3/2013 - The Guy In Charge Of The C7 Corvette's Design Made The Pontiac Aztek

10/3/2013 - Detroit Man Shot After Telling Speeder To Slow Down Around Kids

10/3/2013 - An Explanation Of Today's Kinja Changes + New Tools

10/3/2013 - Four Paths To Corvette's Strength, Refinement And Quality

10/3/2013 - Callaway AeroWagon, The Corvette Stingray Shooting Brake, Is A Go

10/3/2013 - 2014 Rally America National Championship Schedule Released

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10/3/2013 - Why Is No One Buying The SRT Viper?

10/3/2013 - Neo - 'Conflict'

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10/2/2013 - Batteries Burned In Tesla Model S Fire, Firefighters Say

10/2/2013 - Government Won't Investigate Tesla Fire Due To Shutdown

10/2/2013 - Racin' Around The Astrodome

10/2/2013 - Ain't No Party Like A Jalopnik Political Party

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10/2/2013 - Releases Will Let You Comment On The Best/Worst Auto Press Releases

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10/2/2013 - GMC Introduces All-New, More-Capable 2015 Yukon Family

10/2/2013 - Ken Block And Ryan Tuerck Drift A Ford GT

10/2/2013 - Police Officer Fired For Shooting At Unarmed Man During Traffic Stop

10/2/2013 - The LaFerrari On The Nurburgring Is A New Level Of Aural Delight

10/2/2013 - Chevrolet Introduces All-New 2015 Tahoe and Suburban

10/2/2013 - The Flying Crowbar: The Insane Doomsday Weapon America Almost Built

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10/2/2013 - Ford To Debut New EcoBoost Race Engine At 2014 24 Hours Of Daytona

10/2/2013 - Borough President Diaz To Gas Stations: ‘Stop Fueling The Dirt Bike Fire’

10/2/2013 - Australia Elects Member Of Motoring Enthusiast Party To Senate

10/2/2013 - Mopar Goes Online To Find Final 2013 ‘Top Eliminator’

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10/2/2013 - New Furniture Range From 'Bentley Home'

10/2/2013 - Bentley's Home Collection: For When Setting Money On Fire Becomes Dull

10/2/2013 - What A Gas! Chevrolet, GMC Expand CNG Offerings

10/2/2013 - Subaru Announces Pricing On 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid

10/2/2013 - Make Your Lame Car Sound Like A Ferrari With This App

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10/1/2013 - Hurry Up And Smuggle Your Dream Car Before The Government Comes Back

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10/1/2013 - Detroit Councilwomen Call State's Takeover Of Island Park 'Rape'

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