Woman Runs From Police, Gets Hit By Two Trains, Somehow Lives

If the gates are down at a railroad crossing, don't drive under those gates. See, if you do that, you might hit a train or get hit by a train. Or, like this case, both.

Police in Woods Cross, Utah were responding to a domestic dispute when they saw a car believed to be involved speed by them. The police took off in pursuit, but the chase came to an end shortly after when the driver ignored the gates at a rail crossing and hit a train.


The cops got out of their car to check on her, but as they did, the ominous sound of a horn started bellowing in the background. The police jump out of the way and the car gets hit by a train that just couldn't stop.

Amazingly, the driver of the car wasn't killed and is expected to recover from her injuries.

Hat Tip to Ersin!

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