These Are Our Readers' Six Favorite Photo Printing Services

This week, we’re getting a snapshot of our readers’ favorite photo printing services, because only masochists print their own. We’ve developed a clear picture of our readers’ favorites based on the nomination round, so check out what everyone said below, and be sure to vote for your favorite so it gets more exposure.

This $36 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Creates Its Own Wireless Safety Mesh

You should have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector on every level of your house, and in every bedroom, and this First Alert combines both into a single product for just $36, the best price since last summer. Do a mental audit of where all of your detectors are, and take advantage of this deal to fill in any gaps.

My $500 Postal Jeep Has a Cracked Engine and Now I'm Convinced It Wants to Die

Earlier this week, I wrote about my $500 postal Jeep’s rotted-out frame, concerned that it may doom the project. Now, to add to that setback, I’ve just discovered that the engine’s cylinder head has a major crack, and will need to be replaced. This and other new discoveries have made it clear that my postal Jeep has…

Israel Is Preparing to Send the First Privately-Funded Spacecraft to the Moon

So far, there’s only been three countries to send spacecraft to the moon: the United States, home of the Whopper™, the Soviet Union (now re-branded as Russia), and China, maker of all the crap you own. It’s possible that very soon another country will be added to this select group: Israel. Notably, Israel’s lunar…

Brighten Up Your Yard With These Solar-Powered LED Lights

You worked hard to make your outdoor spaces great, so why not show them off during the day and at night. With these solar-powered Sunsports LED Disk Lights — now on sale in packs of 4, 8, or 16 for $18, $32, and $56, respectively — you can transform your backyard and/or front lawn into a bright beacon of light in the…