Woman Sees Dealership Employee Running Errands in Her Truck While It's in for Service, Steals It Back

No one wants their car misused while in the shop, since it’s in for service, not joyrides or errands. But a Mississippi woman with a knack for teaching people a lesson didn’t just file a complaint when she saw a dealership employee running errands in her truck—she just stole the truck back and left them without a ride.

The Volkswagen I.D. R. Is Looking to Formula One for Inspiration in Attacking the Nürburgring

Last summer, the Volkswagen I.D. R. absolutely destroyed the Pikes Peak record. Ever since, the team has been hungry to crush every possible record they can find—with the next target being the infamous Nürburgring. But in order to do it, the Volkswagen crew is going to have to get creative—and they’ve been looking to…

It's Time to Just Admit That the Honda Clarity Feels a Bit Like a Modern Citroën DS

As you all know, it’s not easy to admit difficult truths to yourself. Sometimes you can remain in denial for as long as possible, until you find yourself confronted by cold, hard reality and you have no choice but to accept what’s right in front of your face. At the New York Auto show this week I had such a moment,…