The Real Story Behind The Lewd Video And Bitter Feud That Tore Apart GW's Athletic Department

George Washington’s men’s basketball team started its 2018–2019 season with two ugly home losses. First, the Colonials blew a 22-point lead to Stony Brook, then they came back two nights later and got rolled by Siena. Neither squad would have been expected to beat a GW team just two years removed from an NIT title.

Sweet Christmas: Get a Load of This $2.3 Million BMW Dream Car Sale 

If you’re like me—and God help you if you are, legitimately—you’ve browsed the website of Ohio’s Enthusiast Auto Group and said “Yeah, one day when I get on, I’m going to dump $85,000 on a pristine E36 M3 CSL, because why the hell not?” The dealer is famous for its collection of rare and wonderfully well-kept old…

Craigslist Seller Knows What They Have, a Truck Not On Fire (Anymore) 

Many of us feel we are living in pessimistic times at best, so it’s like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day to see some pure, unadulterated optimism. Let this Craigslist ad for a Chevy S10 suffering from a heap of problems—the least of which was temporarily being on fire—serve as a refresher for your world-weary soul.