Incredibly Kind Man Buys Single Mom New Set of Much-Needed Tires Just Because He's Great

I do realize that often we end up publishing things that don’t exactly cast humanity in the best light. It’s possible that an unpleasant portion of stories can be used as misanthrope fuel, and sometimes that gets me down. But not today. Today I’d just like to relay to you a simple story of people, kindness, and tires.

Finally Get Around to Those DIY Projects With This Discounted Cordless Dremel

If you ever sand, grind, carve, or cut things around the house, you need to own a Dremel. This cordless model isn’t the most powerful you can buy...but it’s cordless, which counts for a lot. It also includes a bunch of accessories to help get you started with all those long-delayed DIY projects on your to-do list.