The Way You Hold Your Steering Wheel Could Seriously Injure You in a Crash

Last year I learned to drive again after a 10-year break. I was surprised how dramatically cars had evolved in that period; I learned to be way lighter on the gas and brake, and whenever I used a rear-view camera to park, I felt like I was cheating. I didn’t learn this: it’s no longer ideal to hold your steering wheel…

Pirelli Replaced Its Garbage Tire-Naming System in F1 With Another Garbage Tire-Naming System

Say goodbye to the days of “supersoft” tires and all of that junk in Formula One (officially, at least). Next year, Pirelli’s tire-naming system in F1 will be slightly less arbitrary but a whole lot more confusing—so confusing, in fact, there’s not even enough room in this first paragraph to explain why it’s confusing.

The best TV of 2018

It’s truer in 2018 than it was in 2017, or 2016, or 2015: Any survey of the year’s best TV can only provide a tiny sampling of the finest the medium had to offer. The perception of this particular year is that it was one characterized by good, not great programming—to which the TV critics of The A.V. Club offer, as a…