Volkswagen Says Its New All-Electric Prototype Racer Is Faster Than An F1 Car

Volkswagen wasn’t kidding around when it said it wanted to take on the record for fastest electric car on the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb—that was obvious when it showed renderings of its “I.D. R” race car. But now the real car is ready to go, and Volkswagen said it’s faster than a Formula One car.

The Valkyrie Of The Motorcar Survived The Race Of Death, A Sunken Ship, And An Assassination Attempt

What do you do when your husband dies, leaving you a widow at age 27? Do you go racing, compete in motor boating, travel around the world, become a published author, and get involved in a scandal over a nude photograph? If you’re Camille du Gast, you’ll be doing all of those and still find time to go ballooning,…