No, the Woman Stranded After Driving Her Jeep Off a Cliff Didn't Survive by Drinking from the Radiator

On July 6, a 23-year-old woman in California crashed her Jeep Patriot off a roughly 250 foot cliff near Big Sur, and wound up stranded for a week at the base, just along the shore. To avoid dehydration, the California Highway Patrol apparently stated, the woman drank from her car’s radiator. It’s a good story, and…

Lewis Hamilton’s New Contract Is Reportedly Worth $13 Million More Than LeBron James’ per Year

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton just signed another two years of his career to Mercedes, which hasn’t been as dominant as usual lately but evidently isn’t hurting financially because of it. Reports say Hamilton will make up to $51.9 million per year through 2020, or way more than LeBron James’ contract.