Don't Forget The Car You Drove Before You Were Famous

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Money and modesty rarely go together. People who can suddenly afford a lot of nice things all at once can lose touch with reality. Apparently that's not Alfred Morris.


Patrick went out to a Mazda dealership today to see what the company did to the Washington Redskins player's 1991 626, a car essentially given to him by his pastor before he became an NFL star. Even in 1991, a 626 was no aspirational vehicle and his was just an ordinary 5-speed example with steel wheels – no turbo or graphic equalizer or many options really. You can't get much more humble than that.

phydeaux thinks Morris is setting an example for famous people:

More stars need to have an attitude like this. I applaud the man for staying humble, and not letting the rewards for his talents define him.

Which Turbineguy; now with Les Paul backed up with:

Exactly. How many young pros run right out after signing their first X-million dollar contract and buy a Ferrari/Bentley/Lambo/whatever just to show they're a baller? This guy sounds really grounded, and even if the 626 is not exactly a hot rod I can appreciate the fact that he likes the car for what it is. Good on him.


Just like we saw with Ludacris' Acura Legend, some stars don't just throw away their rides from before they made it big. Perhaps owning Japanese sedans from the early '90s keeps you down to earth. Because how could you step away from anything that's been loyal to you through good times and bad?


Photo: Patrick George


Congratulations, Mr. phydeaux, and Mr. Turbineguy; now with Les Paul, on COTD today! I have a Mazda for each of you which this lovely lady will bring to you as soon as she finds her clothes.