Take A Terrifying Lap Of The Nurburgring In A Mustang GT500

The Mustang GT500 is 660 horsepower of craziness. It's hilarious fun in a straight line but is more than a wee bit terrifying around corners. Yet all that scariness gets around the 'Ring in 7:39. That's Z/28 territory...


The GT500's run around the 'Ring is really fast, but it is not close to composed. Just look at it on corner entry, that thing is more nervous than me asking a girl on a date. Even mid-corner it's a fight to keep it on the straight and narrow and not in the dirt.

Looks like an ass clenching lap, and it also looks like an insane amount of adrenaline pumping fun.



I know this is just Mustang troll bait but...

Gt-500 - 660 hp, 7:39

Z/28 - 505 hp, 7:37

They are both great cars, and both nuts...but I know which one I'd buy.