Bus Smashes Into Parked Cars While Rider And Driver Fight

Here's a tip: don't bother the bus driver while he or she is doing the job of, you know, driving the bus. Because bad things will inevitably happen.

Bad things happened Sunday night near Boston when a guy got into a heated argument with the driver of the bus he had just boarded.


There's no audio on the video released by the MBTA Transit Police, but after the woman who he was with swiped her pass to pay her bus fare, the man appears to have problems with his. The bus driver closes the doors and sets off, but the man keeps talking to the driver while the woman tries to pull him towards the seats.

The guy gets right in the driver's face and not long after the bus plows into a parked SUV which then plows right into the Jeep Wrangler parked in front of it.

No one was reported injured in the crash, but the two people caught on the video have not been identified.

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