I've never been to Australia, but there's just something about the Land Down Under that I've always loved and couldn't put my finger on. Now I can put my finger very directly on something: The newest member of their Senate is from the Motoring Enthusiast Party.

Here is what to love about this. Australia has a Motoring Enthusiast Party. The party is popular enough to win a seat on the Senate. That's all. But it's also a lot.

Ricky Muir, the candidate, is an avid four-wheel-drive enthusiast, but he now thinks that it's becoming too tough to go off-road. His concern? That future enthusiasts won't be able to go off-road legally.

The Motoring Enthusiast Party was formed to represent the interests of car enthusiasts across Australia, as well as the suffering Australian motoring industry as a whole. Apparently the goals of the party resonated with voters, because it looks like Muir is on his way to Canberra from Victoria to start trying to make positive change for motorists.

Who knows? Maybe Australia will have a Prime Minister from the Motoring Enthusiast Party in a few years? And then we'll all have to move there and hoon forever.


Via Autoblog