Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today’s wicked wild Nice Price or Crack Pipe LoCost isn’t just Yamaha-powered, it’s also Jalop owned. Sent to me by ace3, you now need to weigh in on the price letting him know if that was a wise move or not.

Speaking of a movement, yesterday’s 1971 VW Super Beetle moved a narrow 54% of you to deem its price to be nice. The other 46% thought it another sort of movement altogether. Yes, I'm talking about poo.


Have you ever heard the riddle about what is the difference between a rooster and a nymphomaniac? Well, one says cock-a-doodle-do and the other says any co... whoa, hi there kids, how long have you been here?

Anywho, if you’re as big a fan as I am of the Lotus 7 and its offspring then you’ll be aware of the panoply of motivational forces that have over the years found their way under hood. Because of that, Sevens, especially the bargain basement LoCost homage editions, seem as indiscriminate as to what goes inside them as does the non-chicken in the above joke.


For today’s Mazda mayhem LoCost that run-whatcha-brung means a DOHC, water cooled, four pot out of a Yamaha YZF-R1 über bike. The engine displaces 998-ccs and comes with both fuel injection and 5-valves per cylinder for maximum breathing all the way up to its 12K-plus redline.

The Yamaha mill brings along its radiator and 6-cog sequential gearbox which of course means that backing up this LoCost means either parking it on a hill or getting out to push. Perhaps making up for that omission it comes with an electric parking brake (fawn-say!) paddle shifters, and a pretty insane sound as you can gather from this self indulgently long but totes fun driving video.

Okay, ace3, a backwards cap? Seriously? What Frat are you in? Yes, your car doesn’t have a windscreen to speak of, but I mean come on, you claim you’re only 5’-9,” hunker down and wear it right. The fact that our brave owner is 50th percentile brings up another interesting point about this car, which is that, with a 4” extension to the frame it’s now roomier than a little kid’s first pair of boxer shorts.


That embiggening engenders the never before spoken admission regarding a Seven, that the present owner ‘had to move the seat up.’ Typically these cars are so tight inside that you have to make the choice of not fitting or rolling in the nude. Please however, don’t use that second option.

There’s a lot of additional fun bits here, and a lot of them come off of various Mazda sports cars so you know they have some zoom-zoom in them. The front spindles are MX-5 while the coil-sprung live axle in back is out of an early RX-7. That brings with it disc brakes and a limited slip diff in the pumpkin.


Speaking of pumpkin, that gourd-hued paint isn't paint at all but a skin-tight vinyl wrap. The car also has a slew of fancy name parts that you can read all about in the ad, but which I'm not going to go to the trouble of repeating here as ace3 has already done a commendable job, and I am fatigued from a full night of krumping.

There's no dancing around the fact that you now need to decide the fate of a fellow Jalop, and vote on whether or not ace3's price for this Yamaha-powered LoCost is a screamin' deal. He has recently dropped it to $13,000 from a previous demand for the total defunding of Obamacare, one large pepperoni pizza (and not that Papa John's crap either), and the ability to give the President an atomic wedgie.


Wait, shit! That was the Tea Party. Actually, I don't know what ace3 wanted for it before, but now it's thirteen grand. What do you think, are you going to let him slide for that? Or, does that price make the backwards cap thing look like only the beginning?

You decide!


USA7s or go here if ace3 decides to keep the car.

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