World's Ugliest Car 'Too Big To Tow'

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An enormous monstrosity built on a Jeep chassis was deemed "too big to tow" when its owner left it sitting in the middle of a public square in front of city hall in Valencia, Spain. Good thing, then, that it also had non-EU plates, which meant it escaped parking tickets. I think this man just figured out life.


To be fair, Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahya is known for making enormous cars, and most of them are pretty neat and all of them have a sense of humor. The last time we caught up with him, he was puttering about the desert in the world's largest Jeep. This thing, while built on a Jeep chassis, is sporting elements of Cadillac Escalade, possibly an old Lincoln, and there's maybe a Duesenberg somewhere in there as well. Oh, and it's called the "Black Spider."

While locals seemed at least slightly bemused by the Spider sitting right in the middle of the city, City Councillor Joan Ribó sounded pissed off, according to

It was "disrespectful and immoral that in a period of crisis" that the Town Hall had allowed the parking of the car with the "only aim of demonstrating the economic capacity of the sheikh", Ribó said.


The Sheikh's PR team responded with a hilarious bit of trolling, saying that it was actually displayed as an act of "deference" to the city. I love this guy already.

And, oh yeah, it probably helps that he's a member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. That kind of thing always helps.

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Looks like they modified the front end of this thing, the International Lone Star.