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Canadian police have recovered a silver 2011 Heritage Edition Grand Sport Corvette that was busted right through a Penticton, BC dealership window a la Nick Cage's Gone In 60 Seconds.


Though it is not reported how the thief entered the dealership in the first place (brick?) or started the vehicle, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police received reports of broken glass and a car speeding away from Huber GMC around midnight on October 24th.

Cops sighted the Corvette on Highway 97 and clocked it at 136 MPH, at which point they deemed pursuit too dangerous. Not that their horses could have kept up (obligatory RCMP joke).


After two days of road locks and searching, the car was located at a residence in Surrey, BC. No word yet on what, if any, other cars were written on a list in blacklight-chalk.

Hat tip to Eric Hutchinson!

Photo Credit: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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