Some People Might Actually Like To Be Loathed By Jeremy Clarkson

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Elon Musk is still pissed at Jeremy Clarkson and that doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon.

Who isn't pissed off at Clarkson, though? He's been on TV for well into three decades and Top Gear has been in its current form for more than 10. At this point, if you've been mentioned/slammed/insulted by Clarkson, shouldn't you just feel honored? It's like everything he says is bad is actually good.


b33g33 sees it this way, and Elon should really feel honored by Jezza:

Yes, Clarkson really hates American cars.

Listen Elon, he also hates Germany, Poland, Mexico, Liberals, Polar Bears, Penguins, Brussel Sprouts, James May's shirts, the BBC, The state of Idaho (I made that one up but it's a good guess) ... etc. etc.

You are in great company.

This means Cadillacs, striped orange sweaters and fluffy white bears are all good and British cars are overrated. Up is down, as well. This is all very confusing.

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I believe his rage can be explained from when it all started at a very young age when he was first bullied about his hair:

Further dejection at his 80's mullet did not help. As he aged, the sweet release of male pattern baldness revealed itself as a lie, merely making him into Dr. Steve Brule. Luckily today he keeps what's left of his hair at bay with clippers and inner tension, but he's still torn: Not enough hair for a good styling, and yet too much for a cheap toupee.

So when it seems like Jeremy Clarkson is lashing out at you, he's really not. He's just battling the torment of his biggest inner-demon: His hair. Pity the foible of his follicles if you must, and understand him if you can.

That or he's just a dick.