Brave Saudi Woman Defies Nation's Driving Ban On Camera

Next time you're angry about getting stuck in traffic, keep in mind that it's a privilege a lot of us take for granted. Thanks to Saudi Arabia's insane religious extremism, women aren't allowed to drive there. But this Saudi woman decided to say "screw it" and took a Bimmer out for a spin.


But the woman's drive was more than just a tip through the streets of Riyadh. It was done in defiance of the law that prohibits women from driving, which is why she had journalist Eman Al Nafjan film her doing it, according to a Business Insider report.

Her act was done in advance of the the October 26 plan, which calls for women to take to the roads on Oct. 26 to protest the law.

But despite clerics who claim women will damage their ovaries if they drive, things might be changing in Saudi Arabia. Female members of Saudi Arabia’s influential Shoura Council, which advises King Abdullah, have proposed allowing women to drive, the Globe and Mail reports. And at the end of this video, you can see several people give the woman a thumbs up from their SUV.

I sincerely hope the ban does get lifted. We believe driving and the pursuit of speed should be for everyone, and it could be a big step towards more better treatment and equality for women Saudi Arabia.

Next up: an end to the ban on women in hagwalah.


Hat tip to Ilya!


"Screw it" indeed! You go, girls!