Watch Drifters Chase Away A Scared Saudi Police Officer

There was a police chase turned backwards in Saudi Arabia last week, when a bunch of young guys in cars scared off an approaching cop. When drifters rule the world…

It's very hard to tell exactly what happens when the cop steps away from his Camry cruiser from 0:36 to 0:55, as the cameraman starts shaking, but you can see that things aren't going the cop's way. Somebody runs on top of his car. When the cop drives off, a Toyota Landcruiser bashes his bumper. That Landcruiser and a Nissan pickup give chase, with the Landcruiser smacking the cop again at higher speed.


This video is sure to give drifters a bad name, but remember that hagwalah is a much more reckless, reprehensible, moronic form of driving compared to drifting in the US and the rest of the world.

At least none of these drivers will get beheaded for their crimes, we think.

(Hat tip to Mokhtar!)

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