Graphic New Video Shows Bikers Beating Range Rover Driver

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The shocking video of Alexian Lien running over a number of bikers then getting chased through the streets of Manhattan notoriously ends just before Lien is pulled from his Range Rover and beaten. This new video shows that shocking moment.


Much of the beating in the graphic video acquired by ABC 7 is obscured. What's even more harrowing, however, is the sound you get. You can hear the bikers shouting at Lien to get out of the car, and "the fuck is wrong with you?" Then you can hear the crowd of onlookers on West 178th street scream as they bring him to the ground and start stomping him.


The video ends before you see Sergio Consuegra step between Lien and the bikers, bringing the beating to a close.

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So who's still defending the bikers at this point? Come yourselves.

Idiots. I hope all of these d-bags get the book thrown at them.