For $2,500, Hum A New Tune

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

With its multi-position chapeau, the second (FC) generation of Mazda’s RX-7 is the only one of the breed to ever go officially topless. The top on today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe ’88 can get down with its bad self, but is its price also bargain basement?

Just like Miley Cyrus’ recent bent to ‘will twerk for food,’ and the current state of American political discourse, yesterday’s custom-bodied 1973 Porsche Speedster was seen by many of you as an appalling indication of the biblical End of Days. Even aware of the fact that judgement day will make your bank account null and void, fully 91% of you still felt it was priced just too damn high.


As a sorbet perhaps, sort of an automotive palette cleanser, today we have a car that’s not only completely stock, but will also let you feel the wind in your hair in the traditional sense and not just as a errant fart rustling through your butt pubes.

With its ‘RATED RX’ license plate and sinfully red paint, today’s 1988 Mazda RX-7 is also ready to play mistress to your every automotive fantasy. Or is it? This 13B-powered beaut’ is claimed in its ad to have been garaged for the last 10 years, and today to be in need of some detail work.


Now, I’m not sure if the garaging was done to keep the car safe and clean in between regular bouts of exercise and proper maintenance, or if it just sat out that decade wondering if everyone had just forgotten about it. If it’s the latter, then we and the owner have much to discuss.


And then there’s that detail work. That sounds like what they say in an action movie, going over the plan of attack, leaving for the end the minor point that they are going to be facing half a million ravenous zombies with frickin’ lasers in their eyeballs. Details...

What we do know is that this RX-7 is a droptop, and these are quite clever featuring a hard center section and fabric back with a real glass rear light. The top is power operated, and the ad claims that it works just fine. The body below that also looks to be in good shape, the paint showing some decent shine and there being no apparent flaws or freakouts.


The interior looks like a nice place to be too, and if you haven't ever driven one of these you might find the fighter jet-like way the windscreen and fixed door vents cosset you to be a bit claustrophobia inducing. You might also want to duct tape that driver's seat while you're in there.


On the downside, this 121,000 miler isn’t a turbo, so it gets by with just 146-bhp. A year newer and it would have had 160. So close! At least there’s a 5-speed stick to make the most of the twin rotors’ power and utter lack of low down torque.

The MX-5 kind of made the drop top version of the RX-7 an answer to a question nobody asked, but there’s still a lot to like about the Miata’s bigger and more rotary brother, especially when they haven’t been mucked up. This FC is asking $2,500 to be liked, and that’s damn-near close to that two-grand might-as-well threshold.


What’s your take on this detail work-needing RX-7 for $2,500, does it have you humming like its motor? Or, does that price seem off-key?

You decide!


Indianapolis Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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