Texas Cop Issues Ticket For Parking Brake Law No One Knows About

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Parking tickets are sometimes issued for trivial things, but how pissed would you be if you got back to your legally parked car and saw a ticket for not setting the parking brake?


It happened to a driver in Fort Worth, Texas, according to NBC DFW. A woman says her son got slapped with a $30 citation back in August for not engaging the parking brake while parked in residential neighborhood. They decided to ignore it because, well, who ever heard of getting a ticket over a parking brake?

The local NBC station found out it's part of a 1995 Texas vehicle law that encompasses exactly what you're supposed to do if you leave your vehicle. In addition to obvious stuff like turning off the engine and removing the key (Do you want someone to steal your car?), the law also requires "setting the parking brake effectively."


And apparently, it's a law that's only enforced sporadically, at least the way Fort Worth police make it sound:

Fort Worth Police Cpl. Tracey Knight says it may be an obscure law, but officers can and will enforce all laws. While the circumstances of the ticket weren't immediately available, the officer who wrote the tickets likely was called for loud noise coming from the party. If officers cannot solve an issue directly, such as the noise complaint, they will try to reduce the likelihood of that problem occurring again by enforcing all appropriate laws.

Parking brakes are good things when you're parked and better when you're doing stuff like handbrake turns. However, making it a law to use one looks like it's going too far.

Thanks for the tip, James!

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McChiken116 - Patrick H.

I don't... Why? Any modern car should be left in park or in gear. My manual A4 doesn't need the parking brake, who does?