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Actor And Racer Patrick Dempsey Reveals His Muppet Co-Driver Choice

Last night was the Petersen Museum's big Gala, and thanks to some lax security work, I was able to get in there and intermingle with my betters, at least for a little while. I did manage to corner actor and 24 Hours Of Le Mans racer Patrick Dempsey and ask him some questions before being ejected from the event and into a gutter.


Dempsey tells me about his run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the racing exploits of Woody Allen, his first car, and, of course, what Muppet he wants as his co-driver.

I think Dempsey is a lovely human being but he made a terrible choice of Muppet, by the way.

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No the correct answer would be Gonzo! He is a stuntman already thus is kind of trained to race.