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Aug 7

Hey! You made it through another week! Damn, you’re good at this moving-forward-through time stuff. Let’s celebrate by trying to estimate the sizes of the people in this Austin-Healey Sprite. Based on the sizes and positions of their heads, I’m not sure either person would be more than, oh, maybe 60 percent scale of

Aug 6

Though not common anymore, back in the mid-’80s “Topazzin’” was known as the practice of driving into oncoming traffic at speeds of up to 34 MPH while laying on the horn and sobbing. In a Ford Topaz (Mercury in US markets). It was illegal, of course, but also deeply embarrassing.

Aug 5

Once, Saab pioneered low-budget advertising by shooting all their promotional pictures in a Sears Portrait Studio. They had coupons.

Aug 4

There’s something about a car parked on a dock in pitch darkness that just feels like, you know, bad shit is going down. Is there a way to look at this and think, say, that’s some wholesome fun! I’m not sure there is.

Aug 3

Moss sells. If there was one adage from the 1970s that still makes sense today, it’s that. You want to get people interested in something, anything? Surround it with as much damp moss as you possibly can. That’s why Datsun sold so many of these Cherrys back in the ‘70s—because they knew to moss the shit out of them.

Jul 31

It’s the end of the week! We did it! TOGETHER. Friday feels like a good time to remind everyone about the air-cooled VW-powered, plasteel-bodied Brazilian, especially the X-15, which was doing that Cybertruck aesthetic decades before Tesla thought to. Why aren’t more people importing these now? With Microbus prices so

Jul 30

This is a rare promotional poster from the 1962 Broadway musical Cargo! which was the first Broadway musical to feature multiple trucks on stage, in this case provided by Opel as a way to feel out the American commercial vehicle market. The musical had to close after two weeks when issues around audiences and