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Jul 2

Man, just once I’d love to be at the right place at the right time to see a Land Rover Forward Control truck egg hatch from its underground nest and see that newborn Landie come clambering out of the ground, all confused and eager. I’ll even have a pan of gas ready for it!

Jul 1

It’s not widely known, but early Ford Tanus 17Ms used a lot of anti-caninium alloys in their hood, which could sometimes cause tiny dogs to float, unsettlingly, over the car’s hood and fenders.

Jun 30

There! Do you see it now? Do you see how I’m right? That cloud looks way more like the concept of “disillusionment” than your cloud looks like the concept of “trepidation.” So pay up.

Jun 29

Before SUVs took over everything, people just did SUV-ad shit with their cars. This ad for a Mercury Montego, a heavy RWD car on street tires and without great traction, was being advertised driving into a damn lake or bay or whatever here, and everyone was just fine. JUST FINE.

Jun 26

Remember how you were asking me to explain to you the fundamental concept behind convertibles but I was working and didn’t have time and was perhaps a little short with you? I’m sorry about that. To make it up, here’s a handy diagram from Abarth that should explain it all, in detail. Hug?

Jun 25

It’s kind of amazing how popular this type of VW Type 2-ish truck design was in the 1960s and 1970s, and how it’s hardly seen today, at least in the US. It’s such a good design! This Fiat 238 is a lot like the VW one, down to the under-bed locker and three fold-down sides. Here you sit on the engine, though, which