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Parker Kligerman Is Turning A Toyota Camry Into A Rally Car

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last year, Kyle Busch won the Toyota Dream Build challenge at SEMA with a sleek modified Camry built by Detroit Speed. This year it's KBM driver and Jalopnik columnist Parker Kligerman's turn and he's transforming a Camry into… a rally car. This is so insane it has to work.

What we know from what Parker told us and from what's up on the Dream Build page is that the CamRally will be a stock Camry modified with a design inspired by vintage Toyota racing colors with an adjustable suspension and a turbocharged engine.


Yes. Yes. Yes.


We're going to ask all of you to vote for it, of course, but until that time comes just revel in the first render of it and try to imagine Kyle Busch's reaction when Parker first explained the idea to him. Hilarious.