People Of The '60s Must Have Known What Roads Would Be Like Today

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Every time you see one what people from decades ago thought the future would look like, you're reminded that what happened in reality wasn't nearly as impressive as what people envisioned.


Syd Mead's beautiful images of the future revealed that while we'd have to put up with things such as lion statues and orange jumpsuits as fashion statements, at least we'd get fantastically pointy shooting brakes to go with them.

Plus, all of these cars look like they're outrageous versions of classic '70s land yachts and wedge-mobiles. Could there be a more comfortable, characterful way to travel in the future?

A car like a pointy Cadillac shooting brake would be perfect for the world we're living in today. Mead probably wouldn't believe that in 2013 people would be driving such awful-looking things as a Nissan Versa.

505Turbeaux agrees that the present would've been much better had things gone Mead's way:

so all the cars look like an Aston Lagonda and a Lancia Stratos concept? That is a future I could get behind


But kyngfish reminds us what the marriage of futuristic bodies based on '70s designs would've brought us – cars that are shit to drive:

Yes, apparently the people of the future aren't that into handling either, EVERY single one of these designs seems like it would have sooooo much body roll.


Which is where 505Turbeaux points out that maybe they predicted the future correctly here:

maybe they have alot of speedbumps in the future

Makes us long for simpler times with better, smoother roads.


Congratulations, Mr. 505Turbeaux and Mr. kyngfish, on shared COTD! I like to gift you each with an IDK (I Don't Know) car which this lovely lady will deliver when she finishes sitting backwards.