This Is What A Great '60s Futurist Thought The Present Would Look Like

At some point US Steel decided they wanted to be supercool and impress all the cool steel-buying kids, so they did something very smart: they hired futurist Syd Mead to make a bunch of paintings showing a utopian future. Built from steel. With lots of great steel cars.

These paintings show an incredible, sleek future, one that seems to take its design inspirations from 1970s America, but filters them through an elongating lens of sexy science. Check out that car in the top shot there — it's clearly inspired by 70s-era Cadillacs, but takes all the those design cues to their utomost extreme, and the result is pretty spectacular. And, interestingly, it suggests a significant change to DOT regulations that put a huge emphasis on side-marker lighting.


Also, what's with that white genetically-modified tiger-cat thing? Did he come in the car, or are those things just wandering around in the Utopian future?

There's even a Hot Wheels version of the Mead-designed Sentinel 400! Who knew?

Anyway, I suggest getting really close to your monitor and staring into these images until you believe you're actually living in there. Enjoy.


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