This Car Makes Me Want To Join The Saab Club

The classic Saab 900 Turbo. A car made by weird Scandinavians with real experience in the jet business. The latest Petrolucious video shows us what the Aero version has to offer, and reminds me how much I want one.

Aero Saabs are the best Saabs, but in North America, the top-of-the-line Turbo was called SPG (as in Special Performance Group) due to some trademark conflict with GM. When the 900 SPG came out in 1984, Saab had no idea GM will also be it's death three decades later.


This car is one of the most desirable Saabs ever made.

So, what's it like to own one? According to an owner, expect some rust. Parts are also hard to find and expensive, and count on the engine needing lots of attention at some point. Still, its shape can't be forgotten, and the first time you feel those turbos spool up, you'll be hooked forever.

Just don't let me drive one. I already have a car from a no longer existing manufacturer...


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