The Best Non-American Pickup Trucks

Ask yourself — what's the most apple pie, Grand Canyon, Lincoln Memorial, Bald Eagle American kind of vehicle? Yes, it's the pickup truck. So what's the best pickup truck that's not from the Land of Freedom?

Well, we Americans do make excellent large pickups, but I should say that we have left the market wide open for small pickups. That's why some of my favorite trucks come from Japan, Germany, and the rest of the world.


While I love a colossal duellie diesel, sometimes I really just want something like the Tempo Dreirad above. It was a product of the small German firm Tempo since the late 1920s. You might think a truck with something around 10 horsepower might not be deserving of the name Tempo (that's German for 'speed'), but the company actually took one of these three-wheelers to the high-speed AVUS test track in Berlin and set five international speed records in the "open delivery truck under 200cc class." The average speed? A blistering 33 miles an hour, reports Paul Niedermeyer at The Truth About Cars.

So what's your favorite pickup truck not designed by and for Americans?

Photo Credit: Wüstenrot via Hemmings and Racing Retro

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