Study Says Car Pollution Kills More People Than Car Accidents

Cars put a lot of pollutants into the air, pollutants that aren't supposed to be in the air. And apparently those pollutants are dangerous as a new study says that car pollution kills more people each year than car accidents.

The study, which comes from the brainiacs over at MIT, says that car pollution results in 53,000 people dying prematurely each year, while 34,000 die in car accidents each year.


MIT says that one-in-five Americans is in danger of air pollution, and most of that air pollution is from close proximity to roadways. Part of the problem is even though cars are only responsible for seven percent of fine particle pollution, it gets saturated in certain areas, like cities. That means it has a bigger effect on health than you'd think.

Once again, a good reason to kill commuting culture.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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