Used Car Prices Reprieve From Recession

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The supply of used cars is back on the rise thanks to, you guessed it, more new cars being sold.


The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) predicts prices on one-t0-three year old cars to fall 1.5 percent this year compared to 2012, as the grip of the recession loosens and more consumers return to new-car showrooms.

NADA cites a 9.1 percent increase of new "light vehicle" sales in quarter three of 2013 from quarter three of last year as well as an influx of 2011 cars coming off-lease as major boosts to the near-future used car supply. If you didn't sleep through economics, you too would interpret that as an impending decrease in price.


So far, Black Book cites a decline in average prices of $74 per used car in the past week, and reports a $16 drop in late-model used car averages from August.

Photo: Manheim Auto Auctions

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Let me know when I can buy a good 5 year old WRX for $12k again.