Watch Red Bull Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner Race A VW Scirocco

As if a supersonic space jump and driving a Volkswagen XL1 wasn't enough, Felix Baumgartner raced around the Hockenheimring this weekend as part of the Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup.


Baumgartner has teamed up with VW for a few things now and the company decided to stick him in a 285-horsepower Scirocco race for this video they've put out. He was apparently one of 18 racers in the event, all of whom had more racing experience since this was Baumgartner's first go at motorsports. Go figure.


And hey, driving around in a Scirocco is pretty special. Most Americans can't say they've driven one, let alone raced it.

[H/t to Jus1029]

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I had to go figure out why they didn't market the Scirocco in the US because it seemed like a silly decision when that model traditionally have sold quite well over there.

As with all things bad and sad these days it can be traced back to Wall Street.