The Ten Best Airline Coach Seats

From endless waits to security checks to hopeless delays, just getting on to a flight sucks. But once you're onboard, these ten companies give you the best service for the least bucks.

10.) TAP Portugal


Nuno Cardoso says TAP does a remarkable job even though Portugal is pretty much broke these days:

They are still surviving alone in this shitty economic times. And their catering meals still taste like food. They even use... metal cutlery! Dialy newspaper and magazine included, and very friendly when I had some problems with overbooking.

I use them frequently to travel home, and if you want to go to Brazil next year from Europe, you should definitely give them a try, because they do not suck at all in coach.

Oh, and they have one of the ballsiest pilots around...

Suggested By: Nuno Cardoso, Photo Credit: argusfoto

9.) Frontier Airlines

Apparently, you can't beat Frontier's chocolate chip cookies.


I liked them better when they were Midwest airlines, but Frontier is still better than anyone else in the US. Larger seats, more leg room, and warm chocolate cookies!



I had a pleasant enough time on a Frontier Airlines economy class flight to Punta Cana, mostly due to the seatback TVs, but also reasonable legroom (I'm 6'), clean lavatories, and friendly crew members.


Suggested By: philaDLJ, Photo Credit: bradleygee

8.) Air Canada


America's hat has a pretty good airline these days, Nemesis claims:

Air Canada is pretty bad ass right now. I flew to europe last month, I think it was on a 777. Seats were a little tight but not too bad. reclined in a way that didnt offend the person behind you, adjustable headrests with "wings" to lean against sideways. Everyone has a TV with current movies and TV shows. These tvs also provide trip information (speed, height, ETA, location). WIFI I can remember if they had...I didn't use it maybe it was pay.


For Sweden had this to add:

A lot of people hate Air Canada, but I agree. Even on a little E-jet, the seats were comfortable, the flight crew friendly, and the TV free. Though I'll put up with a lot of discomfort if I don't have to pay $8 CAN to use the TV.


Suggested By: Nemesis, Photo Credit: slasher-fun

7.) JetBlue


Free satellite TV is only the beginning, says cazzyodo:

I've been on four or five airlines in the past two months (currently traveling too so doing this from my phone) and the best was Jet Blue. Only have used them a couple times but they have good leg room for me being 6'4" with long legs and they provide unlimited snacks and tvs. I got to watch a football game that I figured I would miss. I also got tickets on one of their many specials so that a direct flight cost less than competitors with connections...on short notice.. That was just perfect.


Suggested By: Johnnyma45, Photo Credit: angeloangelo


6.) Air New Zealand


You look at the picture, and might say meh. So, meet the Air New Zealand Skycouch:

Having sex on economy class has never been easier.

Suggested By: LyleLanley, Photo Credit: PhillipC


5.) British Airways


If there's no snow around Heathrow, BA is lovely according to interrogator-chaplain:

I recently flew British Airways (Toronto-London-Toronto) and it was a pair of the best flight's I've ever had. First was on a 747 (First time) and the leg room was excellent (The first thing I look for in a flight.), mostly quiet (Evening flight, sooo) and smooth. The second was on one of the new 787 Dreamliners, and while legroom was a little less than the 747, it was still a decent flight. The chow was decent enough (Dessert was fantastic.) and the shining light was the in-flight entertainment, along with the first run movies there were games to be played such as Battle Tetris and Battleship, which could be plane on the in-plane network. Meaning that you could potentially spend the whole flight dominating the guy in 35F in Tetris.


Suggested By:interrogator-chaplain , Photo Credit: koadmunkee

4.) Virgin


America or Atlantic, doesn't really matter, Virgin bossRichard Branson still knows what he's doing:

I've always had great experiences with Virgin America coach. They were among the first to offer free satellite TV, among the first to offer Wifi, among the first to offer three-pronged outlets in between every seat, and make hiring hot flight attendants a priority. My kind of airline.



Suggested By: TheSmokingTire, Photo Credit: LWY


3.) Lufthansa


From my personal experience, I can confirm that Lufthansa is excellent, and it's not the only great Teutonic airline. Air Berlin and Swiss Air are awesome too:

Swiss Air, Lufthansa, or any other premium airline on a short haul flight in Europe. Coach is spacious and they always give you a meal, even if the flight is one hour. In fact, some of Swiss Air's fleet has leather Recaro plane seats (not a special as you would think, but they are supportive and comfortable). Most of the flights don't have business, but even when they do coach is nicer than any US airline that I have been on.


Suggested By: Audistein, Photo Credit: chinaoffseason

2.) Qatar Airways


Jagvar puts it very simply:

Qatar is where it's at. Coach feels like first class. First class feels like Xanadu.


Suggested By: Jagvar, Photo Credit: Richard, enjoy my life!

1.) Emirates


People like the Common Gearhead tell me Emirates is the best in the world:

Emirates. 10.6" touchscreens at every seat with over 1,200 channels of movies, music, and tv from around the world. 3 real-time camera views of the surroundings of the plane. Live news updates, universal charging adapters, USB ports, you name it.

Not to mention, 32" of space between rows and the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in on a plane. And to top it all off, beautiful and handsome young attendants who speak multiple languages and hand out hot towels at the beginning of the flight. And the food is even passable as real cuisine.

Dubai does flying right.

Suggested By:SuPeRcHaRgER, Photo Credit: BillHoller

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