Even If It's Not What Dad Wanted, It's The Hoon That Counts

At some point, you're going to be asked about your funeral and what you want to happen. I don't know how old you have to be to start considering such arrangements, but if you're a Jalop, someone's going to ask if you want something car-related.

We saw this guy do a burnout in his Skyline in honor of his late father, and it looks like the whole town turned out to watch. Maybe this is exactly what his dad wanted. I think everyone's father would appreciate you checking first before you use tire smoke as a way of honoring his memory.


At least Bryan Ball would appreciate it:

Note to my son... When I finally kick it (March 22nd, 2063) don't do this. Just get a tattoo or lift a glass of scotch or something.

I'd appreciate a few Hot Wheels in my casket, but there's no need to ruin a set of tires when I go. Less is more when it comes to funerals, but it's the thought that counts anyway.

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