A prospective customer at a ride-and-drive event in Texas today put a brand new 2014 Chevy Impala into a row of brand new 2014 Corvettes, significantly damaging at least three of the vehicles. Oops.


No more details on this photo other than what's obvious in the picture, which is that the back of that new Impala found the front of those poor Corvettes. Perhaps the driver, who we're assured was not a journalist, mistook the brake pedal for the gas?

The driver was heard to inquire, in a nasal tone, "Did I do that?" before running off into the woods.

UPDATE: Here's an eye-witness report from the person who says he took these photos.

While I didn't see what led up to it, I just looked up when I heard the first crunch… the Impala with the rear damage was hit by the guy first. He was driving an Impala, and first smashed into the rear of the grey Impala, then into the white C7 and the yellow C7. I'm not sure if the red C7 was damaged at all.

The guy looped back around, and was heading toward the building, and everyone screamed and ran like Godzilla was coming (I stayed and took pictures, as there was a more than adequate barrier to stop him from killing us all). He parked the car and the police and event staff were all frantic. The guy gets out of the car and seemed totally fine, just shook up. I took a pic of him talking to the police... juuuust incase he goes crazy and winds up on the news or something.


Photo Credit: Anonymous via RayWert