Banksy's New Stuffed Animal Truck Is Really Creepy

As Urban Outfitters' favorite street artist Banksy continues his residency in New York this month, weirder and more wonderous art is bound to pop up. A lot of his newest art is focusing on cars, like the the world's most valuable Mazda Protege, but this new truck of his is downright creepy.

Entitled "Sirens of the Lambs," the truck looks like it's got over a hundred squeaking stuffed farm animals peaking out the sides, all of them nattering away. To me it's not so much the animals that are creepy or the truck itself, which is in a lovely hue of green, but some of the farm animals do seem to have black eyes and bruises. It's not being driven by Banksy himself, but by a guy named Joe, according to Gothamist:

"I don't really know much, I'm just a driver, a delivery guy. I'm just here delivering meat. Farm fresh meat."


Yes, Banksy, we get it. We eat meat and then we give our children stuffed animals but we don't think about the meat we eat and isn't that interesting and it's all so deep.

The kids seem to enjoy it, though.

H/t to $kaycog!

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