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Just because Grandpa's vehicle has four wheels, doesn't mean you can tow it behind your own.


Eric, who sent this in, wrote:

Saw this in Burbank, CA this morning. The Benz was towing an electric wheelchair/scooter with an elderly gentleman in the driver's seat. They were going 15MPH, maybe faster. The left rear was smoking pretty bad and had been leaving a skid mark for the previous quarter mile at least. The old guy was staring straight ahead with a blank look on his face. In hind sight, we probably should have made sure he was OK!


Yes, Eric, in the future you should probably make sure that the gentleman is okay. You should probably also maybe stop the car doing the towing completely, or call the police, or maybe an ambulance. Preferably before anybody gets hurt.

If any of you readers see someone being towed behind an old Mercedes station wagon when they shouldn't be, please stop them. For the love of all that is holy, please stop them.

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Money says this is Bad Grandpa with Johnny Knoxville.