A Heartwarming And Heartbreaking Tale of A Car Collector

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A Heartwarming And Heartbreaking Tale of A Car CollectorHooniverse


If you read one story today, make it this one.

Every one of us has daydreamed about amassing a vast collection of cars that interest us. Today, we have an inspiring and cautionary tale of a man who did just that, several times over. It is an incredible story.

A little bit of background first: a couple of weeks ago, Tim Odell brought to our attention a Craigslist ad out of Miami in which a man was trying to sell his collection of 15 cars for $25,000. It had all of us scratching our heads, and yearning for more details. Make the jump for Bruce's story, in his own words. Enjoy.

Here's my story…

New York to LA record for pre-war cars to be attempted again in a 1930 FordAutoweek

With yesterday's record news, I thought this was apt for today. Good luck fellas!

Australians Rod Wade and Michael Flanders will be making a second attempt to drive from New York to Los Angeles in less than 60 hours on Nov. 22, after their first attempt ended two weeks ago with their 1930 Ford Model A suffering a mechanical failure 38 hours into the trip.


Unusual cars meet rural TennesseeRoad & Track


Jalop-alum Ben Preston got to drive some cool shit out in Tennessee. This is excellent.

If you visit the Lane Motor Museum just outside downtown Nashville, Tennessee, you'll notice that a lot of the cars are unfamiliar. Well, to most Americans, anyway. That's because museum founder and president Jeff Lane's collection is heavy on quirky machines from more obscure European marques, like an air-cooled V8-powered Tatra.


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