How Many Road Workers Does It Take To Change A Traffic Light?

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This isn't a joke. It takes seven. Seven.

These workers were caught in England, all in high visibility vests, all standing around a traffic signal while they switch out the bulb.


Perhaps it has something to do withhealth and safety regulations that we always hear about on Top Gear, or maybe it's just a bunch of people waiting for Jimmy to finish the bulb replacement so they can go grab a pint.

No matter what, it seems like a bit much.

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I'm an engineer. I see this all the time.

And it makes sense when you realize that everyone has a role.

Commonly, maintenance people work in crews. Here, probably 2-3 to a van/truck. Seeing as the division of labor in a municipality is pretty detailed, I'm guessing one specialty crew that has the light bulbs (2 people) and another with traffic control things (cones/tape, etc). So there's another 2.

The interesting thing comes where you have engineers, supervisors, or the like thrown in. They're the ones watching mainly because they're either, in the case of a supervisor, observing their employees' job, or, in the case of an engineer, making sure everything is done to spec.

It looks inefficient, but this is literally a 1 man job. 1 ladder, 1 bulb. No more people could be involved in the activity of changing the bulb. But it takes many to bring the material and equipment needed, shut down the road, and ensure that the work is being done properly (in a general sense).

Make fun all you want. But I know what everyone here is actually doing.

Killing time 'til 4:30.