Meet The Female Street Racers Of Palestine

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The Other Legend: Liberty Walk F50 — Speed Hunters


Uh yeah. This is freakin' cool. I used to not like the F50. I take that back.

I’ve always felt sorry for the Ferrari F50. It had such a hard job to do, living up to the F40 and all that the barely-disguised racer stood for and accomplished. The F50 was another sort of animal. Rather than being built to go racing, it was Ferrari’s way of showing off F1-derived technology to the world. It wasn’t so much of an evolution, but a different way of approaching the extraordinarily expensive supercar genre.


Meeting The Female Street Racers Of PalestineVice

We love the Speed Sisters around these parts. Here's more reason to like them.

I'm driving around the streets of Ramallah, Palestine with Noor Dawood, the celebrated Palestinian street racer and the only female drifter in the Middle East. Noor is one of four members of the "Speed Sisters", the first and only female racing team in the Middle East, who have brought international attention to the burgeoning Palestine street racing scene, pissing of Muslim clerics and dismantling the caricature of Palestinian womanhood as they go.


George Bignotti, Indy's Winningest Wrench, Dies At 97Hemmings


It happened a few days ago, but here's a nice summary of the man's life from our friends at Hemmings.

The guy with the most wins at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway didn’t strap into an Indy car. Instead, he built, tuned and prepared them to an incredibly consistent degree of excellence. George Bignotti, who died last weekend at his home in Las Vegas at age 97, was demonstrably the most successful chief mechanic in the history of American open-cockpit championship racing.


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