Woman Sleepwalks Herself Right On The Subway Tracks Near Boston

America isn't getting enough sleep. At least that's what you'll think when you watch this woman walking right off of the platform and tumbling down onto the subway tracks. Fortunately other passengers jumped down to rescue her.


It happened at the Davis Station in Somerville, Mass. yesterday. Fox 25 reported the woman, 31, sustained an injury to her arm after she was sleeping on a bench and then started to sleepwalk, which took her off the platform and down onto the tracks. It took a few seconds, but another rider saw her on the tracks and then a whole swarm of people came before a couple of them helped her actually get up from the tracks.

No train was in the area at the time of the incident.

And if you saw this on MSNBC today, it had nothing to do with Kimye's engagement. Just want to clear that up.


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Yeah, but what's the alternative? Some kind of railing system with gates or something? What, do you think governments have amusement park money?