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Yesterday, Nissan shut down the Nurburgring, hired safety marshalls and set up timing beacons in order to have a very hot lap with the 2014 Nismo GT-R. It's unclear whether they succeeded with their record attempt, but the car sure noticeably different from previous prototypes.


Nissan wants to have a GT-R that can reach 62 mph in two seconds flat. That's why the 2014 Nismo GT-R will pack more than 600 horsepower and shed some weight. That's all good.


What's new about the record car is the aero package and the engine sound. This is a prototype from earlier this year:

Now check out the latest version:

As you can see, it has a much larger wing at the back, and a blow off valve noise suggesting some serious overboost. Are these changes unique to the record setting car, or will these make it into the production model?

If the former, that's cheating, if that latter, say goodbye to rear visibility. Not that you'll need it.

Hat tip to Bridge to Gantry!

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