Jaguar's Most Powerful Car Cannot Be Driven In A Straight Line

It's raining. You have the fastest Jaguar currently built and Britain's Oulton Park race track. One thing is for certain: Your car will never be facing totally straight.


On this weeks /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS, Chris has Jag's brand new long-named XKR-S GT and Oulton Park all to himself. He also has the rain. So while we don't get handling impressions of the car in the dry, we do get vast amounts of tail happy oversteering action.


Isn't that what you want to see from Harris anyway? Plus, this thing has a sound that would make Switzerland stop being neutral. Simply epic.

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I have a question to someone, anyone, who is connected to /Drive network somehow.

Why does Chris Harris get so short videos?

His videos are among the most popular videos on the whole /Drive network, out of the top 15 videos, 7 are Chris' and out of the top 30 videos (all these by views by the way) 15 are Chris' videos.

Is it the budget? Is he expensive to maintain? I thought bananas weren't that expensive. I can give you guys 20 bucks so you can buy 10 kilos of bananas for the Monkey himself, that should keep him happy. Then you should sort a nice rear wheel drive car with too much power, rent a track for a day and shoot a 20 minute video.

But in total honesty, his videos are BY FAR the most enjoyable videos on the whole network, Mr. Farah is a good second and the Big Muscle guy is a good third but Mr. Harris is the best. And I know I'm not alone with my thoughts. In fact, he is probably the most entertaining Youtube "star" I have ever watched. He is extremely, incredibly entertaining, everyone could listen to him all day long, it doesn't matter if it's technical stuff or not, he is a great person to listen to. He also seems very intelligent and knowledgeable about cars. He's like a Jeremy Clarkson+James May 2.0 but he still appears in Youtube videos.

So the question goes: If he is so popular and liked, why are his videos so short? And why are there so few videos? Well, there are quite a few videos of his but they're mostly 10> minute videos and 10> minutes once in a week is not enough.

Not with Mr. Harris.