You've probably seen the Ford Transit Connect mini-vans (not to be confused with minivans) dutifully puttering around your city, delivering flowers or whatever. They're usually in boring white or some corporate wrap, right? Not at this year's SEMA show.

For next week's SEMA show in Vegas, Ford declared "Vandemonium" on all our asses by handing their Transit Connects over to some tuners who actually made the dull, workmanlike vans interesting for a change. The show will have six Transit Connect vans and four wagons, all wrapped, painted, slammed and generally spiced up in every which way.


Come to think of it, why aren't people making more tuner vans out of Transit Connects? You know, like people used to do with the first Scion xB before that became a total joke. This could be a thing. Get out there and deck out your Transit Connects, people!