If you have been wondering whether the 2015 Subaru WRX will look like the hot New York Auto Show concept car or simply an Impreza with a hood scoop, a surprise appearance by a car on Japanese TV could tell us where the car's design is really headed.

According to Carscoops, Japan's World Business Satellite news program recently did a segment on automatic braking technology. At their test track outside of Tokyo, Subaru showed off several cars that used their next generation "EyeSight" tech to automatically stop in emergencies.

One of those cars was an Impreza — except it had a hood scoop, large wheels and low-profile tires. Minus the wing, it looks very similar to the WRX mules we've seen running around for a while now. No Japanese Impreza model has those features, either.


Subaru, when contacted by Jalopnik, said that it's a "FHI test mule for the new EyeSight 3" and added they wouldn't comment on the future WRX.

You can see the full video clip below. The car in question shows up around the six minute mark.

Maybe it's a development prototype, maybe it's the actual car. We've seen so many mules running around that look close to the Impreza that it's getting harder and harder to believe the production car will look like the awesome concept, sadly.


The next WRX is rumored to debut in production form at the Los Angeles and Tokyo auto shows in November. We'll find out then.