Derelict Lamborghini Countach Is Why Hipsters Can't Have Nice Things

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I was on Twitter this morning reading about the latest inane developments in the lives of people I've never met before when I saw something. One of the saddest pictures I've ever seen: A ruined Lamborghini, possibly real, possibly a kit, hanging out in Brooklyn. UPDATED


These photos come to us from fellow autojourno and Brooklynite Mike Guy, who was just as appalled at the state of this raging bull as you probably are. I asked him about it, and he said that "it looks a little wanky and exaggerated" (which sounds almost impossible for one of the wildest Lamborghinis ever) to be a production car. That means this might be a dilapidated kit car.

But then former boss of Evo Magazine and Countach owner Harry Metcalfe jumped in. He said it looked like it was a rare early periscopa Countach. When I asked him if he thought it was a kit, this is what he said:

I was convinced it was real, and that's when Harry noticed something else:


Ok, so if it's a kit, that's a little less of a loss, but we're car people. Seeing any car in this sort of disrepair should be enough for you to consider buying and fixing it up, no matter what it is. It should also want to make you find the man with the bad hat who is probably proud of it and tell him to stop getting tattoos and start caring about his poor Lambo, especially if it's an early rare one.

This means we have found the ultimate hipster Lamborghini. And it displaces the Aventador that was too cool to be in just one piece from the top of the chart. Somebody please go to Brooklyn and help save it from the hell it has entered. I'll come help.


UPDATE: It appears to definitely be a kit based on a number of comments and just straight up how it looks. Still sucks, but not as much as it could.



Am I the only one who sees the wing?