Just because you can afford to buy a supercar, doesn't mean you know how to drive it, especially on public roads. It's a good thing then, that this Lamborghini Aventador managed to save the life of its driver when it crashed in the neighborhood of Mill Basin, in Brooklyn.

(Before we continue any further, let me say this: The Mill Basin Deli has the best tongue sandwich in the world. That is a fact. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.)

Originally posted on the r/WTF section of Reddit by user nunii, it appears like the Lamborghini actually did what it was designed to do. In extreme crashes, cars like these are built to dissipate the energy from the impact while still maintaing the structure of the safety cell that contains the occupants, which is exactly what happened here.


Unfortunately, you can't say the driver did what he was supposed to do, according to nunii:

There was another car involved in the accident , looks like a Mazda started to go past the stop sign when the limbo [sic] was approaching obviously at a high rate of speed and had to maneuver to get out of the way


He went on to say that the driver of the Lamborghini was walking around as if nothing happened.

The driver, in this case, was very fortunate. That's why we never encourage street racing here on Jalopnik. While speed doesn't kill, improper car control does.


For reference, this is what a white Lamborghini Aventador looks like when in only one piece:


Photo credit: Ben

H/t to Chris!