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This Is The Best Takedown Of The 'Speed Kills' Myth You'll Ever See

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One refrain you hear frequently from insurance companies, police, and the media is that 'speed kills.' It doesn't, and this is the best debunking of that myth that we've ever seen.

You're going to click play and then realize that this video is 15 minutes long, but it's totally worth it. I don't want to ruin the crux of the story and the evidence, but the use of actual facts and logic to get rid of the notion that lower speed limits is mind blowing.


I already thought that speed limits were low, and that was without any facts. This video will make you go nuts with anger about speed limits. Seriously. You'll go all Hulk on the next limit sign you see after watching this.

This was sent our way by Afroduck, yes the Manhattan record breaking Afroduck. He has a vested interest in this. Was he trying to prove how awful limits are with his Manhattan record run?