Koenigsegg is a small Swedish manufacturer that doesn't necessarily have the resources of big dogs like Bugatti. But that hasn't stopped them from developing one of the most incredible stability control systems in the world. Take that, Veyron.


Rob from Super Speeders was over in Sweden to get a look at Koenigsegg for an upcoming video, and this is some of the testing that was left on the cutting room floor. But it shows just how much work Koenigsegg has put into the Agera to make it safe to drive at high speed.

"Hunk of shit" my ass.


Here we see the car brake from 186 in a totally straight line, and the driver has no hands on the wheel. A 100 MPH slalom is a piece of cake. And emergency maneuvers at high speed result in precisely nobody dying.

The heavier Veyron seems like it'd have a hard time staying under control in manuevers like this. After the drag race where the Koenigsegg obliterated the Veyron, it seems Bugatti might need to find a way to make some more power or lose some weight.

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