Man Crushed To Death By 1,100 Pounds Of Weed In Police Chase

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. A Brazilian man was crushed to death last month by over half a ton of his own weed. The pot fatally sandwiched him when he crashed his car into a tree while running from the cops.

The chase occurred on September 14th near Bataguassu, Brazil reports Da Hora Bataguassu. The unidentified driver ran a roadblock by the Federal Highway Patrol, the cops gave chase, the driver lost control of his Hyundai Tucson, and crashed into a tree.


That's when the half-ton of unsecured weed maintained its momentum and fatally pinned the driver to the steering wheel. He was killed instantly, Da Hora Bataguassu reports.

Photo Credit: Tiago Apolinário/Da Hora Bataguassu

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