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How Sideways Can You Go In A Porsche 928?

The Porsche 928 was a brilliant car that had one problem — it was too expensive to buy, own, and fix for anyone to really hoon properly. Or was it? I shall put this theory to the test.


TEST ONE: Rally. Can a Porsche 928 be entered in stage rally, where a little bit of sideways action can be the fastest way around a corner? YES.

TEST TWO: Skidpad. Can a Porsche 928 get all its tires working on a round-and-round-again skidpad? YES, SORT OF. There aren't any big oppo moments, just tidy four wheel drifts.

TEST THREE: Drifting. Can a Porsche 928 cope with the world of amateur drifting, where budgets are low, parts are always breaking, and there's always a Nissan 240SX tempting you with easily-acquired replacement parts? YES. HELL YES. You just have to go to the Czech Republic.

That was Rene Stern at Sosnová back in 2009.

And there he is again in 2011 at a competition...

... and in private.

And there he is again in 2012.

So now we know, yes, you can go monstrously sideways in a 928. Just watch out for the repair bill when the engine blows.

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When the engine breaks, and it WILL BREAK, you do what any self-respecting Jalop should have done upon purchase of the vehicle:

Eventually, it will pay for itself