Watch This Car Roll Over About 47 Times And Somehow Not Kill Anyone

Watch this tiny hatchback shoot into the air and barrel roll more times than you can count. You won't believe that everyone made it out unhurt.

Seriously, everyone in this wreck was okay. At least, that's what the motorsports news site reports.

Na svu sreću ni jedan od vozača nema teže telesne povrede, ali zato auto limari zadovoljno trljaju ruku. Fortunately, none of the drivers sustained any kind of major injury — but body repair shops are delighted by the outcome.


You can thank reader MOIRAI for that translation.

This crash occurred on Saturday in a race around the fairground in Kragujevac, Serbia.

The moral of the story is, I suppose, make sure you built your rollcage right. Like, be very, very sure.



Yugo racing!