The 2014 Jeep Cherokee Is Finally On Its Way To Dealers

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If you're one of the thousands of 2014 Jeep Cherokee customers who have been eagerly waiting for Chrysler to sort out the car's pre-release technical problems, your long wait is about to be over. The new Cherokees are headed to dealers in the next 10 days.


It's a quick turnaround from last week when it came out that more than 19,000 Cherokees had been built but none had been sent to dealerships. The new SUV was supposed to have gone on sale months ago, but it has been infamously plagued with issues related to its new 9-speed ZF transmission.


Those appear to have been sorted out. Autoweek and other news sources now report that the CUVs are en route to dealers and should be on lots in the next week or so, although Chrysler has declined to comment.

If the car is truly on its way, that should be good news for Chrysler. Despite the Cherokee's, uh, unconventional looks, it has largely received positive early reviews and dealers say customer demand has been very strong.

As Fortune reports, they need this car to be a hit. Jeep is Chrysler's most valuable brand and the Cherokee is expected to be a big volume seller.


Now we have to wait and see if customers experience the problems that were encountered during pre-production or if the issues have really been ironed out for good.

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It has certainly grown on me. I have gone from hating it to now finding it pretty interesting from certain angles.