The Teeny Tiny Daihatsu Kopen Roadster Concept Looks Like A Ton Of Fun

Damn you, Japan, and your ridiculously weird and fun little kei cars! Sure, some of them are boring, but many of them look like they're a lot of fun. The old Daihatsu Copen was a great example of this. Now Daihatsu has a successor headed to the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

This is the Daihatsu Kopen Concept. It's different because it has a K instead of a C. It also swaps the old car's too-cute, mini-Audi TT looks for something a tad more aggressive and masculine, or at least, as much as a tiny kei car convertible can be those things. The new one comes in a variety of colors, including this green one with rugged body cladding.


The Kopen is said to have a 660cc turbo three-cylinder engine and a CVT. No word on horsepower specs yet; like the old Copen, it is likely front-wheel drive.

While there's almost no chance of this car coming to the U.S. (Ha! HA!), the previous Copen was exported to the European market where it packed a larger 1.3-liter engine. If the Kopen goes into production, and it certainly looks close to that, maybe our friends across the pond can get in on the fun as well. (Update: I misspoke. They probably won't, as Daihatsu has ditched Europe.)


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