Here's Easier Said Than Done, The Best Racing Documentary Since Senna

Here's how to get ahold of Easier Said Than Done, the best motorsports documentary since Senna, and the best rally doc I've ever seen.

You could say that the film is a broad view of what rally is like in America and around the world, but that sells it short — it's about the struggle to get money and support a racing career in one of the toughest motorsports for securing sponsorship. It's a struggle that effects the most grassroots entrant all the way to world champions, and that all covered in Matt Johnston's documentary that many of you supported.


We had a sneak preview of the film at the Jalopnik Film Festival, it debuted officially last month, and now you can get a hold of it yourself.

On this page right here you can by the DVD, buy or rent the video from Vimeo on Demand, or just buy the .MP4 to download, which I just did a minute ago.


I can't recommend the movie enough.

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