Internet Raises $22K For American Driver To Go To Rally Finland

Chris Duplessis, heralded by many as the next big thing in American rallying, needed to raise $10,000 in funds to get himself and his front-drive Fiesta R2 to WRC Finland so Jalopnik and other folks put out the call. He made it and then some.

His IndieGoGo page raised $22,226 and now he's in Finland. This makes him part of the first all-American rally team to compete in Rally Finland since 1973.


You may remember Duplessis from the start of "Easier Said Than Done," the first feature-length documentary on rallying in America. That project was also made possible by online fundraising, and Jalopnik readers contributed a good percentage of the $67,708 that got it off the ground.

Good work, America.

(Hat tip to Dusty Ventures!)

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I think I'd rather support Caswell...but that's just me.